Guy's Hospital


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Education John Keats
After apprenticeship to a barber-surgeon, JK embarked on the study of medicine at Guy's Hospital , where he duly qualified as an apothecary.
Employer Margaret Harkness
After returning to London, she worked at Guy's Hospital in Southwark.
Bellamy, Joyce M., and John Saville, editors. Dictionary of Labour Biography. Macmillan, 1972.
viii: 104
Family and Intimate relationships Maria Susanna Cooper
The next son, Astley Paston Cooper , was born on 23 August 1768 after a difficult pregnancy, the first of the family to be born at Brooke Hall. Unlike MSC 's other children, he was...
Health Valentine Ackland
An operation was carried out by Sir Hedley Atkins, President of the Royal College of Surgeons, on April 10th to remove the cancerous lump, at the Nuffield Ward of Guy's Hospital in London. A...
Health E. Nesbit
The stomach pains that EN suffered after her husband's death turned out to be symptoms of a duodenal ulcer. She was admitted to Guy's Hospital for an operation from which it was feared she might...
politics Elizabeth Heyrick
EH was enabled to begin prison-visiting through the influence of her brother-in-law William Heyrick , a magistrate. She began paying the jail-fees necessary to secure the freedom of poor people who had been jailed for...


St Thomas's Hospital in London was dedicated; it may have originated in the infirmary of the Priory of St Mary Overy in Southwark.
Guy's Hospital was opened as a voluntary hospital alongside St Thomas's Hospital ; the two United Hospitals of the Borough [of Southwark] jointly undertook medical teaching.
Dr Richard Bright , working at Guy's Hospital in London, described the symptoms of a complex kidney disorder which became known as Bright's disease.
Using a donated building, Ellen Ranyard began training poor women to become home care nurses; in the programme's inaugural year, 5,000 visits were made to 99 patients.
30 January 1990
Surgeons at Guy's Hospital in London performed the first surgical operation on a baby still in the womb.