Maria Susanna Cooper

Standard Name: Cooper, Maria Susanna
Birth Name: Maria Susanna Bransby
Pseudonym: The Author of the Exemplary Mother
Pseudonym: The Authoress of the Exemplary Mother
MSC began as a writer of children's books which have not been identified. Between 1762 and 1775 she published four epistolary novels of a didactic and conservative cast (or five, if a radical revision is regarded as a separate text). Three of these, including the revision, make a triptych dealing with the roles of daughters, wives, and mothers. To these she added a published narrative poem, and her son posthumously issued another novel and a volume of tales (at least some reprinted from magazines).


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Dedications Elizabeth Bonhote
EB dated her dedication of the epistolary Darnley Vale; or, Emelia Fitzroy. A Novel, printed with her name that year; the dedicatees were her husband and her fellow-novelist Maria Susanna Cooper .
Garside, Peter et al., editors. The English Novel 1770-1829. Oxford University Press.
1: 468
Feminist Companion Archive.
Friends, Associates Lucy Aikin
The Rev. Dr Samuel Cooper (husband of the novelist Maria Susanna Cooper ) also knew LA when she was a girl. He thought her very intelligent and preferred to talk to her at a party...
Publishing Anne Francis
She quoted Pindar in Greek on the title page, and dedicated the work in a full-page inscription to John Parkhurst of Epsom, author of a Hebrew lexicon,
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
as a small testament to his merit, and...
Publishing Jean Marishall
Years later JM published her vivid account of her struggles to get this novel published. She began writing because she thought (like Hannah Cowley a few years later) that she could do better than what...
Publishing Elizabeth Bonhote
She published the work in two volumes, with William Lane of the future Minerva Press ,
McLeod, Deborah. The Minerva Press. University of Alberta.
and for the first time put her name (Mrs. Bonhote of Bungay, Suffolk) on the title-page...
Publishing Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire
This novel was published by Hookham in three volumes, and dedicated to Georgiana's friend Lady Camden . Its subscription list, in this and the second edition (issued by Hookham in 1787, in two volumes each...
Textual Production Margaret Holford
Various other novels before and after this one used Fanny in their title (most recently Maria Susanna Cooper 's The History of Fanny Meadows, 1775). Close enough to cause confusion was Fanny; or, The...


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