Stuart Curran

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Intertextuality and Influence Joanna Baillie
Mary Berry took the lead in promoting the volume.
Baillie, Joanna. “Editorial Materials”. The Collected Letters of Joanna Baillie, edited by Judith Bailey Slagle, Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1999, pp. ix - xiv, 1.
Editing De Monfort for her British Theatre in 1808, Elizabeth Inchbald wrote of the hero as a lunatic possessing every vice which pride engenders, yet...
Intertextuality and Influence Anne Bannerman
After her death AB was quickly forgotten. Yet literary historian Stuart Curran has recently noted the influence of her poetry on Dorothea Primrose Campbell . Critic Adriana Craciun , writing for the website Scottish Women...
Literary responses Felicia Hemans
Susan J. Wolfson and Elizabeth Fay edited for Broadview Press , 2002, a parallel-text edition of The Siege of Valencia showing the first printed text side-by-side with the recently discovered original manuscript from the Houghton Library
Literary responses Isabella Lickbarrow
Recently Jonathan Wordsworth has called her a poet of genuine individuality, well worth recuperation,
Wordsworth, Jonathan. The Bright Work Grows: Women Writers of the Romantic Age. Woodstock Books, 1997.
and Stuart Curran has linked her with Mary Bryant as Wordsworth ian poets.
Curran, Stuart. “Isabella Lickbarrow and Mary Bryan: Wordsworthian Poets”. The Wordsworth Circle, No. 2, pp. 113 - 18.
The appearance of her Collected Poems...
Literary responses Charlotte Smith
Critic Stuart Curran maintains that the handling of idiolects for individual characters in The Old Manor House is a new development in fiction.
Curran, Stuart. “Reading with Both Hands: The Dialog of Novelist and Poet”. American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (ASECS) Conference, Boston, MA.
Literary responses Catherine Talbot
Present-day critics like Stuart Curran think highly of CT as a poet. Rhoda Zuk in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography praises her as a feminist and a rational moralist, and argues that the dismissal...
Literary responses Jane Taylor
Critic Stuart Curran calls this volume brilliant. He notes the resemblance of its fine irony
Curran, Stuart. “The I Altered”. Romanticism and Feminism, edited by Anne K. Mellor, Indiana University Press, 1988, pp. 185 -07.
to that of Jane Austen (despite the fundamental earnestness of Taylor's Dissenting attitudes). Presenting those attitudes as a crucial...
Author summary Jane Taylor
JT , a writer of poems for children when she was little more than a child herself, saw herself in adulthood as first and foremost a Christian writer, seeking to change the lives of her...
Reception Mary Robinson
A conference at the University of Warwick commemorated the two hundredth anniversary of MR 's death; Stuart Curran gave a plenary address and Jacqueline M. Labbe spoke about Robinson on the BBC 's Woman's Hour.
Curran, Stuart. Email about Mary Robinson to Isobel Grundy.
Labbe, Jacqueline M. “Mary Robinson’s Bicentennial”. Women’s Writing, No. 1, pp. 3 - 8.
Reception Charlotte Smith
CS has enjoyed a recent renaissance, with Stuart Curran 's edition of her poems, 1993, her Major Poetical Works edited by Claire Knowles and Ingrid Horrocks , 2017, Curran's fourteen-volume collected works from Pickering and Chatto
Textual Features Mary Robinson
Critic Stuart Curran calls the birthday poem startlingly original
Curran, Stuart. “Mary Robinson and the New Lyric”. Women’s Writing, No. 1, pp. 9 - 22.
in its juxtaposition of rich and poor, each group metonymically described by their attributes.
Textual Production Mary Robinson
The Morning Post published MR 's The Haunted Beach, an indignant poem about a pauper burial on Brighton beach.
Scholar Stuart Curran estimates that this paper printed no less than ninety-eight poems by MR .
Curran, Stuart. “Mary Robinson and the New Lyric”. Women’s Writing, No. 1, pp. 9 - 22.
Robinson, Mary. Perdita: The Memoirs of Mary Robinson. Levy, Moses JosephEditor , Peter Owen, 1994.
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