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Anthologization Marion Moss
With the encouragement of MP Sir George Staunton (to whom they dedicated the volume),
Galchinsky, Michael. The Origin of the Modern Jewish Woman Writer. Wayne State University Press.
“Jewish Encyclopedia”.
but unbeknownst to their parents, the sisters published it to support the family after their father became ill and bedridden...
Anthologization Marion Moss
MM 's Lines Written on the Death of Grace Aguilar are reprinted in the Broadview Press edition of Aguilar's Selected Writings, 2003.
Intertextuality and Influence Mary Elizabeth Braddon
A dramatic version of Lady Audley's Secret was staged by Ruth Herbert at the St James's Theatre , where MEB had recollections of being overstimulated as a child.
Carnell, Jennifer. The Literary Lives of Mary Elizabeth Braddon: A Study of Her Life and Work. Sensation Press.
Another adaptation, Lady Audley's Secret: A...
Literary responses Susanna Haswell Rowson
The Critical Review was unimpressed by this novel: a strange medley of romance, history, and novel, in which the scenery is changed with the pantomimical rapidity of Voltaire 's Candide. . . . aukwardly...
Literary responses Dinah Mulock Craik
Reviewers of the Broadview edition commented that Craik's original is fascinating, and credited it with confound[ing] the usual binaries and prejudices of the period.
Broadview Press.
Literary responses Harriet Martineau
Valerie Kossew Pichanick wrote an account of HM 's life and work in 1980, as did Gillian Thomas , 1985. Valerie Sanders 's Reason Over Passion, 1986, was the first major study of her...
Literary Setting Edith Wharton
In The Custom of the Country (1913, issued in a scholarly edition by Broadview in 2008), Undine Spragg, beautiful social climber and insatiable consumer, already has two entanglements in her unmentionable past at Apex City...
Publishing Sarah Fielding
She dedicated it to the court lady Anna Maria Poyntz . It may perhaps be the Book Upon Education
Sabor, Peter, and Sarah Fielding. “Introduction”. The Adventures of David Simple and Volume the Last, University Press of Kentucky, p. vii - xli.
which SF was planning in October 1748, or that may have been something different that...
Publishing Frances Burney
Work then began under the editorship of Lars E. Troide at the beginning of the earlier journals: The Early Journals and Letters (five volumes, 1988-2012, which take the young Burney to 1783), The Court Journals...
Publishing Sarah Fielding
In 1763 this work received a second edition and translations into French and German (the latter the first of three renderings in a decade). It appeared with illustrations by Richard Corbould in 1785. Peter Sabor
Publishing Mary Augusta Ward
Robert Elsmere has remained perpetually in print ever since its appearance. Many of MAW 's novels are available online at the Victorian Women Writers Project and Project Gutenberg ; Marcella has its Broadview edition, 2002...
Publishing Margaret Cavendish
Two plays, one from Cavendish's earlier collection and the other from her later one, have been edited by Alexandra G. Bennett for Broadview Press and published as Bell in Campo; The Sociable Companions, 2002.
Publishing Mrs E. M. Foster
It was also listed on the title-page as one of the publications of the author of Black Rock House, 1810—who, however, is generally identified as Mrs E. G. Bayfield .
OCLC WorldCat. Accessed 1999.
Lyndon J. Dominique ...
Publishing Margaret Oliphant
She said she wrote it partly to amuse myself, and on a sudden impulse.
Jay, Elisabeth. Mrs Oliphant: "A Fiction to Herself": A Literary Life. Clarendon Press.
It has been edited for Broadview Press by Elizabeth Langland , 2002.
Publishing Susanna Centlivre
It was published the following month, ascribed to the Author of The Gamester,
Monthly Catalogue, 1714 - 1717. Bernard Lintot.
1 (no. 1): 4
with a dedication to the future George I . This political gamble (with Queen Anne still on...


About 1470: The Distaff Gospels, a collection of the...

Writing climate item

About 1470

The Distaff Gospels, a collection of the beliefs, proverbs, stories, medical and cookery recipes, and advice of medieval peasant women, is assigned to this date by its editors, Kathleen Garay and Madeleine Jeay .


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