Alfred Tennyson

Standard Name: Tennyson, Alfred
Used Form: Alfred Lord Tennyson


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Anthologization Felicia Hemans
Early Blossoms, A Collection of Poems Written Between Eight and Fifteen Years of Age, published in 1840 with a memoir of FH at the price of a shilling, actually reprinted the text of FH
Cultural formation Hannah Cullwick
To all eyes she lived as Munby's servant; she often still slept in the basement kitchen. In the evenings, however, she played the role of a lady wife, sitting with Munby in the parlour, conversing...
Cultural formation Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Biographers have tended to adopt Robert Browning's scornful skepticism of the spiritualist movement, but it was not a fringe phenomenon. EBB was, historian Alex Owen argues, characteristic of those attracted to spiritualism by its deeply...
Dedications Emily Faithfull
The most important publication of the Victoria Press to the history of women's printing and publishing is undoubtedly The Victoria Regia (1861). This literary gift book, edited by Adelaide Procter and dedicated by permission to...
Dedications Anne Thackeray Ritchie
The volume is dedicated to Tennyson and his wife Emily .
Ritchie, Anne Thackeray. From an Island: A Story and Some Essays. B. Tauchnitz, 1877.
Education Blanche Warre Cornish
Blanche and her family made a cult of Tennyson , whom they visited at his home.
MacCarthy, Mary. A Nineteenth-Century Childhood. Constable, 1985.
Education Penelope Lively
Initially learning at home, Penelope became well versed in the Authorised Version, tales of Greece and Rome, The Arabian Nights and not much else.
Lively, Penelope. A House Unlocked. Grove Press, 2001.
She was passionately addicted to Greek mythology, but...
Education Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda
Taught by governesses until she was thirteen, Margaret Haig Thomas learned to read at about five. She was taught German and French, and she also learned Welsh as a child but did not retain it...
Education Adrienne Rich
The girls' father also had a strong influence on their education, as he was determined that Adrienne would be a poet and Cynthia would be a novelist. The girls had the run of the family...
Education Elizabeth Charles
EC was educated by governesses and tutors at home.
Stephen, Sir Leslie, and Sidney Lee, editors. The Dictionary of National Biography. Smith, Elder, 1908.
Governesses taught her history, geography, mathematics, and literature in creative ways: through games and dramatisations, for instance.
Charles, Elizabeth. Our Seven Homes. Davidson, MaryEditor , John Murray, 1896.
Later on, different instructors taught her Latin, Euclidean...
Education Carola Oman
CO badly wanted to go to boarding-school, and Cheltenham Ladies' College was suggested, but her mother decided against it. Carola later felt that this had been a good thing, since the emphasis on sport (which...
Education Pauline Johnson
PJ was educated at home first by her mother , who introduced her to the English Romantics. She was also taught by a governess in her early years. Chiefswood was full of books, and she...
Education Ruth Padel
She found school work (at Byron House school in Highgate and then at the highly academic North London Collegiate ) difficult. She always got an A for English essays, although she would write a short...
Education Emily Hickey
She demonstrated an early interest in reading. Scott , Tennyson , and Barrett Browning numbered among her early favourites. Her father, however, did not allow her to read Shakespeare , as he was repelled by...
Education Dorothy Wellesley
She also furthered her own education by early-morning visits to the library, sometimes permitted though sometimes stopped, during which she read everything I could lay hands on, including Tennyson , Matthew Arnold , Swift 's...


By 3 March 1470
Sir Thomas Malory , a political prisoner in London, most probably in the Tower, finished compiling and writing his collection of legendaryArthurian romances, Le Morte d'Arthur.
February 1778
Franz Anton Mesmer , inventor of animal magnetism, arrived in Paris to promote his theory.
March 1827
Alfred and Charles Tennyson published Poems, by Two Brothers.
September 1830
Alfred Tennyson published Poems, Chiefly Lyrical, his first solo volume publication, containing Mariana.
August 1831
Arthur Henry Hallam anonymously published On Some of the Characteristics of Modern Poetry, and on the Lyrical Poems of Alfred Tennyson in the Englishman's Magazine.
December 1832
Alfred Tennyson published a collection of Poems which included The Lotos Eaters, Oenone, A Dream of Fair Women, and The Lady of Shalott.
14 May 1842
Alfred Tennyson published two volumes of Poems.
William Edmonstoune Aytoun and Theodore Martin published the satirical A Book of Ballads, as edited by Bon Gaultier.
November 1847
Alfred Tennyson published The Princess: A Medley.
1 June 1850
Alfred Tennyson anonymously published his poetic sequence In Memoriam.
9 December 1854
Alfred Tennyson 's famous poem about the Crimean War, The Charge of the Light Brigade, appeared in The Examiner.
July 1855
Alfred Tennyson published Maud and Other Poems.
June 1859
Alfred Tennyson published the first four poems in his sequence The Idylls of the King.
February 1860
Alfred Tennyson published Tithonus in the Cornhill Magazine.
By 13 August 1864
Alfred Tennyson published the narrative poemEnoch Arden.