Virginia Blain

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Birth Caroline Bowles
The future poet CB was born, an only child, at Buckland Manor near Lymington in Hampshire.
Scholar Virginia Blain discusses the confusion surrounding CB 's date and place of birth. The various dates given...
Family and Intimate relationships Eliza Mary Hamilton
Virginia Blain in ODNB suggests that EMH engaged with Anne Disney in a romantic friendship reminiscent of a love affair.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Family and Intimate relationships Caroline Bowles
Her father had an adopted son, Colonel Bruce , who lived in India. Scholar Virginia Blain speculates that the colonel may have been the illegitimate son of Charles Bowles.
Blain, Virginia. Caroline Bowles Southey, 1786-1854. Ashgate, 1998.
Family and Intimate relationships Caroline Bowles
CB was too old to have children with Robert Southey , and the children of his first marriage were not disposed to welcome her warmly. Virginia Blain speculates that their marriage was not consummated. Southey's...
Family and Intimate relationships Caroline Bowles
Robert Southey died in March 1843, the immediate cause being typhus.
Blain provides varying dates of death for Southey throughout her biography of CB , including the 20th and the 23rd of March. Most sources...
Friends, Associates Caroline Bowles
CB rarely travelled far from her home in Lymington. After the death of her old nurse in 1824, she lived alone. Alfred H. Miles speculates that her parents' deaths tended to strengthen her nervous...
Literary responses Mary Ann Browne
The Monthly Review, though anxious that publicity might not be good for the young poet or her talent, nevertheless estimated her talent highly, found in the title poem the genuine divine fire, and...
Literary responses Mary Ann Browne
The Monthly Review notice expressed regret both that MAB was so prolific so early in her career, and that nothing short of marriage was likely to stop her writing.
Blain, Virginia. “’Thou with Earth’s Music Answerest to the Sky’: Felicia Hemans, Mary Anne Browne, and the Myth of Poetic Sisterhood”. Women’s Writing, No. 3, pp. 251 - 69.
The Athenæum review quite unfairly...
Literary responses Mary Ann Browne
A posthumous review in the Dublin University Magazine of Sketches from the Antique noted the gravity and rich melody of these poems (their descriptions, it said, apparently with approval, had no dash or storm)...
Literary responses Sarah Flower Adams
A notice in the Westminster Review in November 1845 decribed this book as a small work for the young, explaining and enforcing the principal points of religion and morals in verse and in prose...
Material Conditions of Writing Eliza Mary Hamilton
The collection is dedicated to her brother, William Rowan Hamilton .
Blain, Virginia. “Letitia Elizabeth Landon, Eliza Mary Hamilton, and the Genealogy of the Victorian Poetess”. Victorian Poetry, No. 1, pp. 31 -51.
31, 43
William Wordsworth thought highly of her writing. In a letter dated 10 January 1833, he wrote to her, arguing that women should...
Publishing Caroline Bowles
Most of the contents had first appeared in Blackwood's.
Hickok, Kathleen. “’Burst Are the Prison Bars’: Caroline Bowles Southey and the Vicissitudes of Poetic Reputation”. Romanticism and Women Poets, edited by Harriet Kramer Linkin and Stephen C. Behrendt, University Press of Kentucky, 1999, pp. 192 -13.
Virginia Blain notes that Bowles entered into strenuous pre-publication negotiations with William Blackwood when she refused to accept all his editorial suggestions.
Blain, Virginia. “Anonymity and the Discourse of Amateurism: Caroline Bowles Southey Negotiates Blackwoods 1820-1847”. Victorian Journalism, edited by Barbara Garlick and Margaret Harris, Queensland University Press, 1998, pp. 1 - 18.
Reception Caroline Bowles
In her literary biography of Bowles, Virginia Blain notes that The Birth-Day has been generally forgotten in the perception of Bowles through the lens of her marriage to Robert Southey rather than of her literary...
Reception L. E. L.
LEL became strongly associated with a highly gendered construction of female poetic vocation. As Virginia Blain has argued, she became (with Hemans , and following their deaths on the cusp of the era) one progenitor...
Reception L. E. L.
More recently, however, LEL has been subject to critical revaluation, as feminist critics have questioned the historical processes and aesthetic standards that led to her exclusion from the literary canon, and are developing increasingly complex...


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