Charlotte Maria Tucker

Standard Name: Tucker, Charlotte Maria
Birth Name: Charlotte Maria Tucker
Pseudonym: A. L. O. E. (A Lady of England)
Nickname: Fairy Frisket
Used Form: A. L. O. E.
Charlotte Maria Tucker was a phenomenally prolific and popular novelist, writer of tracts and short stories, and poet for children and adults. Most of her works have a religious and didactic intent. She is reported to have published over 150 books during the latter half of the nineteenth century, although the exact number is difficult to verify. They sold extremely well. She donated most of the profits to charities, especially missionary societies in India. She is credited with introducing a degree of realism and naturalism into children's literature, along with the spiritual and educational elements that she judged important.
Black and white photograph of Charlotte Maria Tucker by William Notman, Toronto, 1875. She sits in an upholstered chair beside a small table draped with a tablecloth and bearing a book and an ornate Greek-motif jar (probably photographer's props). She wears a long, dark, broad-skirted dress and a simple dark buttoned jacket with white lace collar apparently joined to white lace around a dark cap. Her hair is arranged to shoulder length.
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