Margaret Bondfield

Standard Name: Bondfield, Margaret


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Occupation Edith Craig
Despite her successes with the Pioneer Players and the Little Theatre movement, EC was often unable to find work in London, possibly because of her relationship with Christopher St John , possibly (as St...
Occupation Kathleen E. Innes
Among those drafted to form the Mandate's Honorary Council in Britain were prominent politicians, clergy, feminists, and writers such as Margaret Ashton , Margaret Bondfield , Vera Brittain , Arthur Henderson , Laurence Housman ,...
politics Isabella Ormston Ford
Several members of the Women's International League were committed suffragists, including Helena Swanwick , Maude Royden , Margaret Ashton , Kate Courtney , and Charlotte Despard . Others were IOF 's old friends from the...
politics Edith Lyttelton
A letter in the Times signed by EL , Margaret Bondfield , and Maude Royden drew attention to half a million unemployed women workers, many of whom faced starvation or were compelled to accept derisory...
politics Eleanor Rathbone
The movement of this bill involved many prominent women in the House of Commons : it had been introduced by Margaret Bondfield , the nation's first female cabinet minister, while Jennie Lee , Lady Cynthia Moseley
Textual Features Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda
MHVR humbly considers herself merely a normal person,
Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda,. This Was My World. Macmillan, 1933.
writing what she has seen with the eyes of the mind.
Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda,. This Was My World. Macmillan, 1933.
The work is not a complete reconstruction of her life, since it wraps...
Textual Production Mary Agnes Hamilton
Mary Agnes Hamilton published through L. Parsons another political biography, Margaret Bondfield, on which she added to her name on the title-page the word Iconoclast.
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Textual Production Mary Agnes Hamilton
Her subject, Mary Reid MacArthur , 1880-1921 (wife of the trade unionist Will Anderson , who died only two years before her), had done sterling work in the campaigns to end sweated labour and to...


Life in the Shop, a series of articles based on Margaret Bondfield 's survey of shop assistants' working conditions, was published in the Daily Chronicle.
January 1911
The League Leaflet, a magazine for members of the Women's Labour League , began publication in London.
Between 1914 and 1918
During the First World War, the Workers' War Emergency Committee was formed to address wartime labour issues.
2 May 1923
Under the supervision of Margaret Bondfield and the Women's Advisory Committee , the BBC 's radio programme Women's Hour began its two-year run.
30 May 1929
Labour came in twenty-six votes ahead of the Conservatives in the first general election with full women's suffrage: the prospect of voting by women under thirty brought the demeaning nickname of the Flapper Election....
7 June 1929
Margaret Bondfield became the first female cabinet minister in Britain, serving as Minister of Labour in Ramsay MacDonald 's Labour government.
Vyrnwy Biscoe published 300 Careers for Women.