William Pitt, first Earl of Chatham

Standard Name: Chatham, William Pitt,,, first Earl of


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Family and Intimate relationships Grace Elliott
GE 's father, Scottish barrister Hugh or Hew Dalrymple , had been a lieutenant in the British army, but took up the law about the time Grissel was born. He was said to have made...
Textual Production Hannah More
They were not the only friends to make such a request. On 8 January 1793 (by which time she had already acted) More wrote to tell Mrs Garrick of her earnest invitation from Beilby Porteus


Wealthy West Indian proprietor William Beckford (father of the author of the same name) launched The Monitor, the first newspaper to appeal explicitly to London freeholders, that is the well-to-do urban middle class.
16 November 1756
Upon the resignation of the Duke of Newcastle , the Duke of Devonshire , a Whig, briefly became Prime Minister. He was in turn replaced by Newcastle in July of the following year as the...
6 April 1757
William Pitt was dismissed from office as Secretary of State.
June 1757
Britain's ally Frederick II of Prussia lost half his army (30,000 of his best troops), at Kolin in Bohemia.
29 June 1757
The Duke of Newcastle formed his second government, this time a Whig coalition with William Pitt .
18 January 1762
Spain declared war on Britain, in advance of its secret promise in the Family Compact to do so.
November 1762
At the annual Lord Mayor's Banquet in London, Pitt was vociferously welcomed, while Bute , who was thought to be too soft in the peace negotiations, was nearly mauled by the crowd.
14 January 1766
William Pitt appealed to the House of Commons to treat America as a kindly, paternalistic husband would treat a wife.
30 July 1766
William Pitt again formed a Whig ministry, but his health was so poor that he resigned as Prime Minister before the general election of spring 1768.
14 October 1768
The Duke of Grafton formed the government in succession to William Pitt , following an election in March.
Later 1778
Ann Wilson published her 1600-line poem Teisa, describing, with moral reflections, the landscape, towns, antiquities, and history around the course of the River Tees.
11 May 1778
William Pitt, Earl of Chatham , died one month and four days after collapsing dramatically in the House of Lords in the midst of an impassioned harangue opposing the independence of the USA.


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