Thomas Pelham-Holles, first Duke of Newcastle upon Tyne

Standard Name: Newcastle upon Tyne, Thomas Pelham-Holles,,, first Duke of


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Dedications Charlotte Lennox
CL performed this difficult task under pressure of financial need. Her husband helped by compiling the index. When she had finished the work she appealed to Andrew Millar for support: Alexander spent three weeks hiding...


23 January 1720
The Lord Chancellor (the Duke of Newcastle ) closed Drury Lane Theatre for several days because of a dispute with its licensee, Steele .
31 December 1729
Mary Unknown , a political pamphleteer also writing as Thom Tell Truth , was interrogated before Walpole and Newcastle about her authorship of a libel entitled A Letter to a Member of Parliament in the North.
16 March 1754
The Duke of Newcastle became Prime Minister after a long career of managing the Whig party machine.
29 June 1754
In Cabinet the Duke of Newcastle for the first time enunciated the imperial idea as regards North America and the French presence there.
16 November 1756
Upon the resignation of the Duke of Newcastle , the Duke of Devonshire , a Whig, briefly became Prime Minister. He was in turn replaced by Newcastle in July of the following year as the...
6 April 1757
William Pitt was dismissed from office as Secretary of State.
29 June 1757
The Duke of Newcastle formed his second government, this time a Whig coalition with William Pitt .
The Tory writer John Shebbeare was sentenced to stand in the pillory for writing Letters to the People of England, a scathing attack on the Newcastle government.
November 1762
At the annual Lord Mayor's Banquet in London, Pitt was vociferously welcomed, while Bute , who was thought to be too soft in the peace negotiations, was nearly mauled by the crowd.