Nancy Witcher, Viscountess Astor

Standard Name: Astor, Nancy Witcher,,, Viscountess
Used Form: Lady Nancy Astor


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Employer Ray Strachey
RS held the first of her full-time employment positions to carry a salary, as Lady Astor 's political secretary.
Strachey, Barbara. Remarkable Relations: The Story of the Pearsall Smith Women. Universe Books, 1980.
299-300, n334
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Friends, Associates Freya Stark
Visitors to Asolo (as well as hosts to Stark in England) during this period include Nancy, Lady Astor , Lord David Cecil , and Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicolson .
Geniesse, Jane Fletcher. Passionate Nomad. Random House, 1999.
Literary responses Freya Stark
John Jock Murray and Sir Sydney Cockerell initially advised Stark against writing this book, urging her to remain in the travel genre rather than attempt philosophical writing. However, they apologized for their opinions when the...
Occupation Eleanor Rathbone
ER was the object of misogynistic attacks, personal and professional, throughout her parliamentary career. When she was absent from a House of Commons debate in June 1942, someone called A. McLaren commented, I see that...
Occupation Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda
Women contributors ranged widely: Rebecca West , Stella Benson , Cicely Hamilton , Members of Parliament Lady Nancy Astor and Ellen Wilkinson , Virginia Woolf , Naomi Mitchison , E. M. Delafield , Rose Macaulay
Occupation Edith Craig
Despite her successes with the Pioneer Players and the Little Theatre movement, EC was often unable to find work in London, possibly because of her relationship with Christopher St John , possibly (as St...
politics Edith Lyttelton
In a letter to the Times, EL and Nancy Astor appealed for contributions to the Save the Children Fund , for children affected by the coal miners' strike.
The miners had walked out on...
politics Eleanor Rathbone
The unfolding of this early conference suggests the serious weaknesses of Rathbone's stance on Indian women's issues. One of the first female students at the University of Madras and the founder of an Indian Women's Association
politics Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda
This prompted Lady Rhondda to call the Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act a leaky saucepan.
Eoff, Shirley. Viscountess Rhondda: Equalitarian Feminist. Ohio State University Press, 1991.
Millicent Garrett Fawcett called this decision simply scandalous.
Eoff, Shirley. Viscountess Rhondda: Equalitarian Feminist. Ohio State University Press, 1991.
Nancy, Lady Astor , chair of the Consultative Committee of Women's Organizations
politics Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda
From 1921 to 1924, MHVR was the president of the National Women Citizen's Association . During this decade, she was also an executive member of the Women's Consultative Committee , chaired by Nancy, Lady Astor
politics Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda
The group's agenda was to obtain legislative improvements in child-assault laws, the position of unmarried mothers, equality of both parents in guardianship rights, equal pay for teachers, equal civic service opportunities for women and men...
politics Ray Strachey
RS volunteered as parliamentary secretary and advisor to Lady Astor , the first woman Member of Parliament to sit in the House of Commons .
Lady Astor was elected on 1 December 1919.
Strachey, Barbara. Remarkable Relations: The Story of the Pearsall Smith Women. Universe Books, 1980.
politics Millicent Garrett Fawcett
MGF was acutely aware of the potential represented by members of parliament, as is shown in her initiative in founding the Speaker's Conference on Electoral Reform in 1916, to bring together MPs who were prepared...
Publishing Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda
MHVR , with Nancy Astor , Dorothy Balfour , Eleanor Barton , and Elizabeth Macadam , drafted a letter to the Times protesting against a campaign to exclude future women medical students from London hospitals.
Nancy Witcher, Viscountess Astor, Dorothy Balfour, Eleanor Barton, Margery Corbett Ashby, Elizabeth Macadam, and Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda. “Women in Medical Schools”. Times, p. 12.
Publishing Beatrice Harraden
A couple of years after this BH began a steady flow of letters to the Times on the topic of women's suffrage: the last of these, written on 2 February 1927, was the plea or...


1 December 1919
Nancy, Lady Astor (Conservative and Unionist Party ), became the first woman Member of Parliament to sit in the House of Commons .
March 1922
Good Housekeeping, a monthly magazine dealing with domestic topics, began publication by National Magazine at 72 Broadwick Street, London.
By May 1922
Lady Astor prevented the Metropolitan Police Women from being disbanded at the recommendation of the Geddes Report.
Later 1922
Thirty-one women candidates sought office during the general election campaign, but none were elected to parliament except the sitting members Lady Astor and Margaret Wintringham .
Nancy Astor put forward her first Private Members Bill, to limit the availability of alcohol to minors.
January 1924
Women Members of Parliament stopped wearing hats in the House of Commons . Nancy Astor 's hats had garnered more attention than her politics during her first years in the House.
By October 1926
The BBC named Hilda Matheson as its first Director of Talks, one of the most highly paid jobs for a woman in any organisation at that time,
Carney, Michael. Stoker. Published by the author, 1999.
as her biographer puts it.
30 May 1929
Labour came in twenty-six votes ahead of the Conservatives in the first general election with full women's suffrage: the prospect of voting by women under thirty brought the demeaning nickname of the Flapper Election....