Elizabeth Macadam

Standard Name: Macadam, Elizabeth


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death Eleanor Rathbone
She was survived by Elizabeth Macadam , her companion and colleague of nearly fifty years. Rathbone left the bulk of her estate to charities.
Stobaugh, Beverly. Women and Parliament, 1918-1970. Exposition Press.
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Family and Intimate relationships Eleanor Rathbone
ER met Elizabeth Macadam , a fellow social reformer. The two soon became companions, and remained so until Rathbone's death.
Pedersen, Susan. Eleanor Rathbone and the Politics of Conscience. Yale University Press.
Pedersen, Susan. “Eleanor Rathbone (1872-1946): The Victorian Family Under the Daughter’s Eye”. After the Victorians: Private Conscience and Public Duty in Modern Britain, edited by Susan Pedersen and Peter Mandler, Routledge, pp. 105-2.
Occupation Eleanor Rathbone
ER took on this new visitor role at a time when she had been Parliamentary Secretary of the LiverpoolWomen's Suffrage Society for five years. Settlements were a way for young people of education to...
Occupation Eleanor Rathbone
At this early point in the war, the government relied on volunteer groups to administer the separation allowance programme. In Liverpool, the SSFA was run by Rathbone and a network of the city's suffragists and...
politics Eleanor Rathbone
Her partner, Elizabeth Macadam , also continued with her socio-political activities throughout World War I. In 1916 Macadam joined the Welfare Department of the Ministry of Munitions . The following year she began as the...
Publishing Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda
MHVR , with Nancy Astor , Dorothy Balfour , Eleanor Barton , and Elizabeth Macadam , drafted a letter to the Times protesting against a campaign to exclude future women medical students from London hospitals.
Nancy Witcher, Viscountess Astor, et al. “Women in Medical Schools”. Times, p. 12.
Textual Features Eleanor Rathbone
In her title image (of the Cretan monster in the legend of Theseus and Ariadne, which exacted a tribute of young people to devour), her sharp language, and her choice of topics, ER criticises various...
Travel Eleanor Rathbone
Invited by the Palestine Women's Equal Rights Association , ER and Elizabeth Macadam travelled to Palestine and Egypt (under British protectorate and mandate respectively).
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Nancy Witcher, Viscountess Astor, et al. “Women in Medical Schools”. Times, p. 12.