John Murray

Standard Name: Murray, John,, 1909 - 1993
Used Form: John Arnaud Robin Grey Murray
Used Form: Jock Murray
Used Form: John Murray, the sixth


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Family and Intimate relationships Freya Stark
They had a trial separation inJune 1948. Before leaving Antigua, where Stewart Perowne was stationed, Stark wrote to John Jock Murray about feeling caged. . . . Don't repeat this Jock, but I did...
Friends, Associates Freya Stark
Back from the Middle East, FS began to write about her experiences abroad: starting in November 1928, she published short pieces in Cornhill Magazine, then edited by Leonard Huxley . Through Huxley she met...
Friends, Associates Dervla Murphy
DM 's publisher, John Murray , became her close friend and her daughter's godfather.
Murphy, Dervla. Transylvania and Beyond. Murray.
Literary responses Betty Miller
Having received it in manuscript, Jock Murray wrote, I have read 150 pages and cannot go to bed. This must sound like . . . a fan letter—just what it is.
Miller, Sarah, and Betty Miller. “Introduction”. On the Side of the Angels, Virago, p. vii - xviii.
He went on...
Material Conditions of Writing Angela Thirkell
She began working on this a little before her collection of children's stories. She was at first intimidated by the idea of doing historical, archival research. Her publisher, Hamilton , encouraged her, and when she...
Publishing Dervla Murphy
She wrote this while her daughter's schooling was limiting her freedom to travel. I wrote it for Rachel , really, as I had a strange childhood that I wanted her to understand. I never expected...
Publishing Dervla Murphy
Thinking of her father's years of hoping and struggling to publish his novels, DM said she felt her life had been chosen as the medium through which all the strivings of generations of scribbling Murphys...
Reception Freya Stark
John Jock Murray and Sir Sydney Cockerell initially advised Stark against writing this book, urging her to remain in the travel genre rather than attempt philosophical writing. However, they apologized for their opinions when the...
Textual Features Dervla Murphy
Here frequent notes, both longer and shorter, are interspersed among the diary entries. The tone is less ecstatic than Full Tilt, but it records the satisfactions of difficulties overcome and employs a good deal...
Textual Production Betty Miller
BM 's first biographical writing took the form of short studies of eminent Victorians for the Cornhill, Horizon, and Twentieth Century. It was one of these on Robert Browning for the Cornhill...


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