Coventry Patmore

Standard Name: Patmore, Coventry


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Cultural formation Viola Meynell
VM 's childhood home was a cultural centre for Roman Catholics such as the poets Francis Thompson and Coventry Patmore . She was influenced by her parents' literary activities, as well as by her mother's...
Dedications Alice Meynell
She dedicated the volume to Coventry Patmore , though their friendship had largely waned.
Badeni, June. The Slender Tree: A Life of Alice Meynell. Tabb House, 1981.
Family and Intimate relationships Catherine Sinclair
Several members of CS 's extended family were published authors. Her elder half-sister Janet published religious works. The best-known in her own day was her great-niece Lucy Walford , romantic novelist (whom Coventry Patmore ...
Fictionalization Alice Meynell
To many of her contemporaries (especially male contemporaries), AM symbolised the perfection of Woman and Mother. Many descriptions of her suggest Woolf 's Mrs Ramsay in To the Lighthouse. Coventry Patmore and Francis Thompson
Friends, Associates Matilda Betham-Edwards
Coventry Patmore and the pioneer doctor Elizabeth Blackwell lived in the same village as MBE .
Black, Helen C. Notable Women Authors of the Day. D. Bryce, 1893.
Friends, Associates Catherine Gore
CG was acquainted with a number of important literary figures. Before leaving London for the Continent she attended an assembly given by Rosina Bulwer-Lytton to which Disraeli , Lady Morgan , and Letitia Landon also...
Friends, Associates Violet Hunt
Those who publicly testified that the relationship between Hunt and Ford had every outward appearance of a marriage included Brigit Patmore , wife of Coventry Patmore 's grandson).
Belford, Barbara. Violet. Simon and Schuster, 1990.
Friends, Associates Christina Rossetti
Around this time she became aware of her brother Dante Gabriel 's involvement with Elizabeth Siddal , although she and Siddal met only in 1854 and were never intimate friends. Close family friends of Christina...
Friends, Associates Alice Meynell
AM suspended her close friendship with poet Coventry Patmore because of his increasing jealousy of her friendships with other men.
Badeni, June. The Slender Tree: A Life of Alice Meynell. Tabb House, 1981.
115-16, 125
Meynell, Viola. Alice Meynell: A Memoir. J. Cape, 1947.
118-19, 121-2
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
Friends, Associates Alfred Tennyson
A sociable man (although distrustful of unknown admirers) Tennyson was acquainted with many of the major artistic and political figures of the nineteenth century, including Edward FitzGerald , Coventry Patmore , Edward Lear , William Ewart Gladstone
Friends, Associates Lucy Walford
LW had many friends among literary people and those who moved in literary circles. She discussed the books of her childhood with Reginald Palgrave , who shared many of her early reading experiences, and Wilkie Collins
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Aurora Leigh engages with a wide range of contemporary debates and social issues, paramount among them the roles of women and the role of the poet in contemporary society. It challenges, for instance, long before...
Intertextuality and Influence Laura Ormiston Chant
The volume's shorter independent pieces include sonnets. The 70-page Verona, about 1,600 lines of pentameter blank verse, treats the conflict between the title character and her fiancé, Adrian, over her commitment to raising personally...
Intertextuality and Influence Frances Power Cobbe
The theoretical essay with which FPC headed Josephine Butler 's landmark collection Woman's Work and Woman's Culture, 1869, launches out with wit: Of all the theories current concerning women, none is more curious than...
Intertextuality and Influence Dinah Mulock Craik
Her most commonly printed poem, Philip My King, anticipates, using biblical imagery, the entire life of her godson Philip Bourke Marston .
Mitchell, Sally. Dinah Mulock Craik. Twayne, 1983.
The speaker entreats him, when he marries, to Rule kindly, /...


By 10 August 1844
Coventry Patmore published Poems, his first collection, which included The Woodman's Daughter.
October 1854
Coventry Patmore anonymously published The Betrothal, the first part of his poetic celebration of courtship, marriage, and conservative gender roles, The Angel in the House.
The Espousals, the second part of Coventry Patmore 's poemThe Angel in the House, was published.
By 17 December 1859
Under her pseudonym Mrs Motherly, Emily Augusta Patmore (Coventry Patmore 's first wife) published her second book of the year, Nursery Poetry, with illustrations.
By 20 October 1860
Faithful for Ever, the third part of Coventry Patmore 's poemThe Angel in the House, was published.
The Victories of Love, the fourth and final part of Coventry Patmore 's poemThe Angel in the House, was serialised in Macmillian's Magazine.
Marianne Caroline Patmore and her husband, Coventry Patmore , published their translationSaint Bernard on the Love of God.


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