Francis Joseph Thompson

Standard Name: Thompson, Francis Joseph


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Anthologization Viola Meynell
In December 1910, VM and her siblings Francis , Olivia , and Monica published a poetry anthology called Eyes of Youth (a phrase taken from Shakespeare 's The Merry Wives of Windsor), which included...
Cultural formation Viola Meynell
VM 's childhood home was a cultural centre for Roman Catholics such as the poets Francis Thompson and Coventry Patmore . She was influenced by her parents' literary activities, as well as by her mother's...
Family and Intimate relationships Alice Meynell
She bore eight children, of whom one died in infancy. As the family grew, financial worries forced her to work unceasingly. Katharine Tynan was godmother to Olivia , born in 1890, and Francis Thompson was...
Fictionalization Alice Meynell
To many of her contemporaries (especially male contemporaries), AM symbolised the perfection of Woman and Mother. Many descriptions of her suggest Woolf 's Mrs Ramsay in To the Lighthouse. Coventry Patmore and Francis Thompson
Fictionalization Viola Meynell
Poet Francis Thompson , a family friend who was fond of VM , wrote for her the poem To Stars, to lift her spirits after she had an accident falling from a balcony. His...
Friends, Associates Dora Sigerson
After her marriage, DS became acquainted with a number of notable literary figures, including George Meredith (who wrote the introduction to The Collected Poems of Dora Sigerson Shorter, 1907), Thomas Hardy (who wrote the...
Friends, Associates Katharine Tynan
Living in a suburb of London, KT frequented the heart of English literary culture. She had already joined London's Irish Literary Society , and was later appointed its Honorary Vice-President.
Tynan, Katharine. The Years of the Shadow. Constable.
Among other literary figures...
Friends, Associates Alice Meynell
AM became acquainted with the poet Francis Thompson (no relation), a thin, nervous man, ravaged by drug-taking,
Badeni, June. The Slender Tree: A Life of Alice Meynell. Tabb House.
over a year after he had submitted a manuscript to Wilfrid Meynell for publication in Merry England.
Badeni, June. The Slender Tree: A Life of Alice Meynell. Tabb House.
Intertextuality and Influence Antonia White
AW longed to be a writer from an early age. At her convent school, aged nearly fourteen, under the influence of illicit reading of Francis Thompson and Wilde 's Dorian Gray, she wrote three...
Intertextuality and Influence Rose Allatini
A study in temperament, this novel opens with its young hero, Ruan Scorrier, watching the outgoing tide turn on a beach on the rugged north Cornish coast, and imagining feelings for the sand and for...
Literary responses Alice Meynell
AM later said she was pleased with The First Snow and Maternity because she found them two of her most undecorated, or simple, poems. She wrote to her husband that more undecorated, henceforth, my...
Occupation Viola Meynell
Her first broadcast was, appropriately, on her mother, Alice Meynell . The BBC director praised her for being the best first-time presenter he had ever seen. She followed up with programmes on Francis Thompson ,...
Textual Features Viola Meynell
The story told is that of the Meynell family and their circle, especially of the family's rescue and cherishing of the unworldly poet Thompson .
Textual Production Alice Meynell
The volume includes Prefatory Poems by Coventry Patmore , Francis Thompson , George Meredith , Vita Sackville-West , and others. Many of them were written long before Meynell's death,
Meynell, Alice. Alice Meynell: Prose and Poetry. Editors Page, Frederick and Vita Sackville-West, Jonathon Cape.
and are revealing about the...
Textual Production Viola Meynell
VM published her second biographical work, which again looks at her family's life: Francis Thompson and Wilfrid Meynell : A Memoir, told mainly through unpublished letters.
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.


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