Emma Cons

Standard Name: Cons, Emma


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Regular classes began at Morley College in London, a few years after Emma Cons leased the Old Vic Theatre in Waterloo Road, as a venue not just for clean variety shows and concerts but...
17 January 1889
Supported by the Society for Promoting Women as County Councillors , Margaret, Lady Sandhurst , and Jane Cobden became the first women to be elected to the newly formed London County Council .
January 1889
Emma Cons became the first woman to be nominated and to serve as alderman (one step up from a councillor) on the new London County Council , on the basis of her housing activism and...
Lilian Baylis began her tenure as manager of the Old Vic Theatre in London, which she converted from a music hall into a respected Shakespearian theatre.
13 August 1912
Octavia Hill , housing advocate and one-time friend of John Ruskin , died of cancer in her home at 190 Marylebone Road, London.