Democratic Party


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Occupation Eudora Welty
Back home, EW worked a slew of part-time positions trying to begin a writing career and support herself financially: she resumed her script-writing position at WJDX; she worked for five months on her friend...
politics Maya Angelou
MA strongly supported Hillary Clinton as prospective Democratic presidential candidate in 2008, but after Clinton left the race she supported the successful candidate, Barack Obama , with equal force as he competed for and won...


November 1800
In the US election the Democratic -Republicans decisively defeated John Adams and the Federalist party . According to the system of that time Thomas Jefferson was chosen for President (over Aaron Burr ) not...
August 1968
Thousands of Yippie radicals occupied Chicago during the Democratic National Convention.
17 June 1972
A secret investigation unit made their second break-in at the headquarters of the US Democratic Party in the Watergate Building in Washington, DC; the investigators were arrested.
The US Democratic Convention, held this year in Miami, saw the first action by the newly formed National Women's Political Caucus .
7 November 1972
Richard Nixon was re-elected President of the United States—although his agency in the break-in to Democratic Party headquarters in the Watergate Building in Washington, DC, had already been established by reporters Carl Bernstein and...
18 December 2000
George W. Bush , the Republican Party candidate, was finally declared President of the United States when the Electoral College returned a majority of votes in his favour (271 to 267), although the popular vote...
8 November 2016
The American people, offered the opportunity to elect their first female President in the person of Hillary Clinton , chose instead to confer the presidency on Donald Trump , a developer, former reality tv host...
27 September 2018
A committee of the US Senate heard testimony from Christine Blasey Ford , an academic psychologist, that Brett Kavanaugh , President Trump 's nominee to the Supreme Court , had sexually assaulted her when they were both teenagers.