Richard Nixon

Standard Name: Nixon, Richard


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Characters Muriel Spark
Closely modelled on the Watergate scandal of June 1972, this present-tense novel explores the Machiavellian political cunning of the recently appointed Abbess Alexandra, the Richard Nixon figure. Norman Page calls the highly mobile negotiator Sister...
Occupation Pearl S. Buck
She continued to write, and occasionally to attend meetings of Welcome House and her Foundation . When President Nixon visited China in February 1972 she thought of either accompanying or following him, but found to...
Textual Production Mary McCarthy
MMC published another political work, The Mask of State: Watergate Portraits, this time taking as her subject the scandal which in the end brought down President Richard Nixon .
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30 June 1974
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Textual Production Mary McCarthy
Vietnam was the result of this first trip to Saigon (also known as Ho Chi Minh City). It was first published as a three-part series and later collected in a pamphlet. McCarthy's simple yet direct...


26 September 1960
John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon took part in the first televised debate between candidates for the presidency of the United States.
31 October 1968
US President Lyndon B. Johnson (in one of the final acts of his presidency) halted the bombing of North Vietnam, as a precondition for peace negotiations.
November 1968
Richard Nixon was elected President of the USA at the height of the Vietnam war. He was re-elected in November 1972.
4 May 1970
Members of the OhioNational Guard opened fire on students of Kent State University demonstrating peacefully against the Vietnam War (specifically, against Nixon 's sending ground troops to Cambodia). Four students (two of each sex) were killed.
13 June 1971
The New York Times began printing the Pentagon Papers dossier compiled by Daniel Ellsberg as he worked for the US administration on an internal history of American involvement in Vietnam.
February 1972
US President Richard Nixon took the remarkable step of visiting Beijing with Henry Kissinger for discussions with Communist Party Chairman Mao Tse-Tung , restoring relations between China and the USA.
17 June 1972
A secret investigation unit made their second break-in at the headquarters of the US Democratic Party in the Watergate Building in Washington, DC; the investigators were arrested.
7 November 1972
Richard Nixon was re-elected President of the United States—although his agency in the break-in to Democratic Party headquarters in the Watergate Building in Washington, DC, had already been established by reporters Carl Bernstein and...
9 August 1974
US President Richard Nixon , facing almost certain impeachment over the Watergate scandal, resigned.