Sadler's Wells Theatre


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Leisure and Society Amelia B. Edwards
She was a regular member of the audience at Shakespeare performances at Sadler's Wells Theatre .
Betham-Edwards, Matilda. Reminiscences. G. Redway, 1898, p. vi, 354 pp.
Occupation Frances Eleanor Trollope
During the 1850s the Ternan women acted in London, at theatres such as Drury Lane , the Princess's Theatre , and Sadler's Wells .
Ackroyd, Peter. Dickens. HarperCollins, 1990.
Performance of text T. S. Eliot
A pageant performed at Sadler's Wells Theatre to raise money for London Anglican churches, The Rock, featured choruses contributed by TSE .
Gallup, Donald Clifford. T.S. Eliot: A Bibliography. Harcourt, Brace, 1969.
Textual Production Ethel Smyth
Baylis was the manager of the Old Vic from 1912 to 1937. She also refurbished and opened the Sadler's Wells Theatre in 1931.
Textual Production Sarah Scudgell Wilkinson
Similarly, a work by SSW which in one form was entitled The Water Spectre; or, Kitty o' the Clyde,
Burmester, James, Rosamund Burmester, and Emma Pound. English Books. James Burmester Rare Books, 1985.
47: 42
also appeared in print as The Water Spectre; or, An Bratach in or...


6 September 1817
Drury Lane Theatre installed gas lighting in the auditorium and on stage.
April 1844
Elizabeth Planché 's drama Ivan Daniloff; or, The Sledge Driver premiered at Sadler's Wells .
Sadler's Wells Theatre finished its time as a venue for stage performances.
March 1882
Ella Stockton 's play Madcap Violet had its premiere at Sadler's Wells Theatre .
Lilian Baylis began her tenure as manager of the Old Vic Theatre in London, which she converted from a music hall into a respected Shakespearian theatre.
6 January 1931
Lilian Baylis re-opened Sadler's Wells Theatre in London with a performance of Twelfth Night, starring John Gielgud as Malvolio.
15 May 1931
Choreographer Ninette de Valois presented ballet at Sadler's Wells Theatre in London for the first time.
Autumn 1940
The Sadler's Wells Theatre was bombed, leaving the Sadler's Wells Theatre Ballet without a performance venue.
27 January 1941
The Wanderer ballet premiered at Sadler's Wells New Theatre , London, marking the renewed venue for the Sadler's Wells Theatre Ballet.
7 June 1945
Peter Grimes, Benjamin Britten 's opera based on a poem by George Crabbe , premiered at Sadler's Wells Theatre , London.
13 March 1951
The ballet Pineapple Poll, choreographed by John Cranko with music by Sullivan and Mackerras , was performed at Sadler's Wells Theatre , London.