Her Majesty's Theatre, Haymarket


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Family and Intimate relationships Iris Tree
IT 's father was actor-manager Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree , who had given up a job in the family corn-merchant business to pursue acting. After his father told him, An actor can be tolerated only...
Family and Intimate relationships Iris Tree
Tree's passion for the theatre meant that he was often away from his family, either on tour or at Her Majesty's Theatre . Moreover, because his profession meant that he was always before the public...
Family and Intimate relationships Viola Tree
Throughout her life, VT took direction from her father, the actor-manager Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree , who had abandoned his job in the family corn-trading business to pursue a career on stage, and had changed...
Leisure and Society Elinor Glyn
EG appeared on stage in a tableau vivant, one of a series designed by a socialite named Lady Arthur Paget (Minnie) and directed by Beerbohm Tree at His Majesty's Theatre .
EG 's grandson biographer,...
Material Conditions of Writing Isabel Hill
In the same year as My Own Twin Brother, 1834, IH 's West Country Wooing, a monodrama which she composed over the course of two summer evenings, was staged in the first of...
Occupation Frances Brooke
The Haymarket Opera House was bought for FB and her actress friend Mary Ann Yates to run as joint managers.
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Occupation Frances Brooke
FB and Mary Ann Yates launched their first opera season at the Haymarket Opera House .
Brooke, Frances. “Introduction”. The Excursion, edited by Paula R. Backscheider and Hope D. Cotton, University Press of Kentucky, 1997, p. ix - xlix.
Occupation Frances Brooke
FB and Mary Ann Yates ended their reign as managers of the Haymarket Opera House .
Brooke, Frances. “Introduction”. The Excursion, edited by Paula R. Backscheider and Hope D. Cotton, University Press of Kentucky, 1997, p. ix - xlix.
Occupation William Congreve
Congreve was twenty-one when on 22 December 1691 he licensed his first book, a short novel called Incognita: or, Love and Duty Reconcil'd, which was published the following year.
Congreve, William. Incognita. Scolar Press, 1971.
He moved quickly into...
Occupation Viola Tree
VT performed in London for the first time, playing the part of Ariel in her father 's production of The Tempest at His Majesty's Theatre .
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(16 November 1938): 9
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Occupation Clemence Dane
She got her first chance in Eliza Comes to Stay (by H. V. Esmond ) at the Criterion when the actress due to play the other woman had to drop out because of illness, and...
Occupation Viola Tree
Her father began soliciting her for the role in October, but she repeatedly refused him, largely because her Italian voice instructors felt her voice was too untrained for the role. He cast an American singer...
Occupation Maria Theresa Kemble
Maria De Camp (later MTK ) began her long stage career playing the role of Cupid in Les Ruses de l'Amour at the King's Theatre .
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Occupation Hélène Barcynska
After her dramatic training Daisy Jervis worked on the stage, but with no real success.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
She gave a concert on her own, had one job as a dancer (at two pounds a week), lost another...
Occupation Hannah Brand
HB acted the female lead in her own tragedy Huniades at the King's Theatre in London: this was billed as her first stage appearance, ignoring the earlier one at Norwich.
Mann, David D., Susan Garland-Mann, and Camille Garnier. Women Playwrights in England, Ireland and Scotland, 1660-1823. Indiana University Press, 1996.


15 June 1703
Playwright and architect John Vanbrugh bought land for a new theatre in the Haymarket, London. The theatre eventually opened as the Queen's Theatre during the 1704-5 season.
December 1704
Vanbrugh and Congreve were licensed to operate a new theatre, the Haymarket , on the grounds that they would help reform and clean up the stage.
9 April 1705
Vanbrugh 's new Haymarket Theatre (at this date also known as both the Queen's Theatre and as the Opera House) opened with an anonymous Italian opera.
John Vanbrugh signed an agreement with Owen Swiny , appointing Swiny to manage the Queen's Theatre, Haymarket .
8 March 1707
The last of George Farquhar 's six comedies, The Beaux' Stratagem, opened at the Haymarket .
13 January 1708
The two licensed London theatre companies struck an agreement which would put an end to some aspects of recent cut-throat competition.
23 November 1709
Aaron Hill started as manager at Drury Lane Theatre and pursued a policy of rivalry with Thomas Betterton 's company at the Queen's Theatre, Haymarket .
2 April 1720
Handel and the Royal Academy of Music opened the first season of Italian opera in several years at the Haymarket . The Royal Academy of Music continued offering opera there until 1728.
31 May 1721
The Haymarket Theatre, or Opera House, shifted from the general opening time of 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.
September 1726-Spring 1727
Madam Violante ran her first season of pantomime, dancing, and acrobatics at the Haymarket Theatre .
6 June 1727
Feuding supporters of the rival opera singers Faustina and Cuzzoni caused a disturbance at the Haymarket Theatre, ending both the performance and the season.
20 July 1815
Madame Vestris made her operatic debut as the leading lady of the King's Theatre , aged only eighteen.
Prosper Mérimée 's storyCarmen appeared in French. It became the source for Bizet 's opera Carmen.
4 May 1847
Jenny Lind , the Swedish Nightingale, gave her first London performance at Her Majesty's Theatre .
Alexandre Dumas the younger published La Dame aux Camélias, a novel which he successfully dramatised in 1852.