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Education Helen Waddell
She attended the Victoria School for Girls in Belfast from 1900, then took a year of private study from 1907 to 1908 before going on to read English (with Latin and French) at Queen's University, Belfast
Education Seamus Heaney
From St Columb's SH went on to predominantly Protestant post-secondary education at Queen's University , Belfast, where he took his BA in English Language and Literature. This course added to his repertoire Anglo-Saxon: another...
Education Medbh McGuckian
Medbh McCaughan (later MMG ) became a student at Queen's University , in Belfast, where she worked first for a BA in English (1972), and then for an MA in Anglo-lrish literature (1974).
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Education Medbh McGuckian
At university, she was taught by Seamus Heaney , and met other poets including Michael Longley , Paul Muldoon , and Ciaran Carson . Her MA thesis on Irish nineteenth-century writers and Gothic fiction dealt...
Employer Medbh McGuckian
A year later she began teaching at St Patrick's College , a Catholic boys' school at Knock, in East Belfast. She then taught at Queen's University , Belfast.
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Employer Carol Rumens
She has also held writer-in-residence positions at the Universities of Newcastle and Durham (as Northern Arts Literary Fellow, 1988-90), Queen's University, Belfast (1991-3 and again 1995-8), University College, Cork (1994), and the Stockholm University (Spring...
Employer Seamus Heaney
SH began his teaching career as a schoolmaster, then moved on in 1966 to a lectureship in English Literature at Queen's University, Belfast . He was writing poetry by this time and facilitating the publication...
Employer Philip Larkin
He had so far no qualifications for librarianship beyond his degree in English literature, and left to himself he might well have continued to live at home with his parents and work on his novel...
Family and Intimate relationships Catherine Byron
The family of Catherine Greenfield (later CB ) moved to Belfast when her father was appointed to the Dunville Chair of Physiology at Queen's University . They lived there until August 1964.
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Family and Intimate relationships Georgiana Craik
A critic, historian, and author, George Lillie Craik was born at Kennoway in Fife in 1798. His best-known work was A Compendious History of English Literature, and of the English Language, from the Norman Conquest...
politics May Laffan
As well as strongly opposing the convent or the clerical education system, ML took a strong interest in the Irish university problem. When she was writing her novels Catholics were discouraged from attending the long-established...
Reception Iris Murdoch
IM was early appreciated as an Irish writer. An honorary degree was awarded her by Queen's University, Belfast , in 1977, followed by others from Trinity College, Dublin in 1985 and Coleraine University in 1993...
Reception Helen Waddell
HW 's remarkable popularity—as an academic scholar whose name was well-known in non-academic, cultivated households—went hand in hand with some scholarly condemnation. She was said to have been barred from British Academy membership by opposition...
Reception Philip Larkin
PL declined the poet laureateship, which was offered him after John Betjeman died (on 19 May 1984), on the grounds that he was no longer a practising poet. His many honorary doctorates included those with...
Reception Medbh McGuckian
MMG began a two-year term as Writer-in-residence at Queen's University , Belfast; she was the first woman to hold this position.
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Queen's College , Belfast, was founded in Northern Ireland.
Queen's College , Belfast, was founded in Northern Ireland.
2 December 1869
Queen's University of Belfast instituted examinations for female external candidates.
21 October 1882
Queen's College, Belfast, began admitting women to honours classes.
Queen's College, Belfast, began admitting women to medical classes in response to requests from the Belfast Ladies' Institute .
Queen's College, Belfast, became the first university college in Ireland to admit women to equal privileges with men.
1 August 1908
The Universities Act, Ireland, established two universities and granted women total equality with men in teaching, degrees, staff appointments, and university authorities.