Sir Thomas Wyatt

Standard Name: Wyatt, Sir Thomas,, d. 1542


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Intertextuality and Influence Carol Ann Duffy
The poem's female speaker explores her past and present feelings about a lost love, and by relating them to the words of other poets as far back as the Renaissance and Sir Thomas Wyatt ...
Intertextuality and Influence Sheenagh Pugh
SP cites her favourite English-language poet as the Scottish ChaucerianRobert Henryson . Other favourites include Sir Thomas Wyatt , George Herbert , Louis MacNeice , Louise Glück , and Edwin Morgan . SP has...
Intertextuality and Influence Anne Ridler
AR wrote that the two great influences on her as a poet (because they helped her to find her own voice) were Sir Thomas Wyatt and W. H. Auden . Eliot , too, was inescapable...
Textual Production Lettice Cooper
The title is quoted from a stanza by Sir Thomas Wyatt , which is printed on the title-page.
Cooper, Lettice. The Double Heart. Gollancz.


About the 1530s-1540s: The Devonshire Manuscript (British Library...

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About the 1530s-1540s

The Devonshire Manuscript (British Library Add. 17492) was compiled in large part by women, who edited and probably wrote and transcribed a number of the poems. The title-page of Elizabeth Heale 's edition, 2012...

June 1557: Tottel's Miscellany was published....

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June 1557

Tottel 's Miscellany was published.


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