Humbert Wolfe

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Family and Intimate relationships Pamela Frankau
PF was the lover of poet and civil servant Humbert Wolfe for the final decade of his life; he was much older than she was, and married (though he separated from his wife in 1938)...
Friends, Associates G. B. Stern
Other plums were Max Beerbohm , H. G. Wells , Somerset Maugham , J. B. Priestley , and Humbert Wolfe . Questioned by a reporter about the reason for the party, GBS suggested that she...
Friends, Associates Pamela Frankau
PF 's friendship with Rebecca West began with West seeing her as a protégée worthy of her time and energy,
Frankau, Pamela. “Preface”. A Letter from R*b*cc* W*st, edited by Diana Raymond, Privately printed at the Tragara Press, pp. 3-5.
and Frankau being always afraid of Rebecca.
Frankau, Pamela. “Preface”. A Letter from R*b*cc* W*st, edited by Diana Raymond, Privately printed at the Tragara Press, pp. 3-5.
PF 's affair with Humbert Wolfe
Friends, Associates Margery Lawrence
Among ML 's close friends were the Irish diplomat and writer Sir Shane Leslie and the English war-poet Humbert Wolfe (lover of Pamela Frankau ).
Lawrence, Margery, and Shane Leslie. Fourteen to Forty-Eight. Robert Hale.
Intertextuality and Influence Margery Lawrence
Her close friend the Irish diplomat and writer Sir Shane Leslie wrote a Foreword to the volume. In her Author's Note, ML confesses as a dark secret the fact that all my life I...
Intertextuality and Influence Dorothy L. Sayers
The academic background gives DLS an excuse for lavish literary quotation: from Greek, from Shakespeare and other canonical writers, many of them Elizabethan, and from moderns like Humbert Wolfe . Her Oxford is the preserve...
Literary responses Rose Macaulay
The volume was much praised. The Athenæum called RMone of the most interesting of contemporary poets and a very accomplished metrist.
Lefanu, Sarah. Rose Macaulay. Virago.
A few years later, however, Humbert Wolfe wrote of her poetry that...
Literary responses Laura Riding
The volume was praised by Humbert Wolfe and Janet Adam Smith , but called by the Times Literary Supplementoften extremely difficult and occasionally annoying in its word play, shifting meanings, and free association. Geoffrey Grigson
Literary responses Alison Uttley
This book pleased some prestigious critics. Although the New Statesman was rather sniffy and the New English Weekly hostile, Margery Allingham in Time and Tide called it enchanting. Humbert Wolfe in the Observer said...
Publishing Rebecca West
RW 's novella or long short story The Addict, based on Pamela Frankau 's lover Humbert Wolfe , appeared in Nash's Magazine.
Rollyson, Carl. Rebecca West: A Saga of the Century. Hodder and Stoughton.
Reception Anna Wickham
Thanks to Untermeyer and to British poet and anthologist John Gawsworth , by the 1930s AW 's poetry was widely anthologised, making her often as well represented as respected male poets such as Lawrence ,...
Reception Lady Margaret Sackville
Dr Georgina Somerville in The Harp Aeolian, 1953 (a tiny-format book, whose title suggests the poet as passive recipient of divine inspiration, and whose contents are not noted in the MLA Bibliography), offers...
Textual Features Pamela Frankau
The novel's title is a word which means a male falcon, and comes with an antique or medieval flavour.
Oxford English Dictionary Online.
It features PF 's favourite motif of a man losing his memory, and contains her first...
Textual Features Pamela Frankau
The central character of the original story, Penelope Wells, is a talented English girl growing up in the south of France at the eccentric hotel chaotically run by her famous-poet father and her French stepmother...
Textual Production Pamela Frankau
Frankau wrote this character-sketch in retaliation for West's scathing portrait of her lover, Humbert Wolfe , in her story The Addict, 1935.
Rollyson, Carl. Rebecca West: A Saga of the Century. Hodder and Stoughton.
The protagonist of the novel, pregnant by her boyfriend in the...


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