Theophilus Cibber

Standard Name: Cibber, Theophilus


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Family and Intimate relationships Laetitia Pilkington
Her youngest son, Jack (John Carteret Pilkington ), also came back to her for support, with tales of mistreatment from their father. Jack was alleged by Isaac Reed to have told Theophilus Cibber (who...
Intertextuality and Influence Jane Warton
JW 's novel has nothing to do with Theophilus Cibber 's afterpiece Patie and Peggy, 1730 (derived in turn from a work by Allan Ramsay ), in which the title characters are one of...
Occupation Charlotte Charke
Colley Cibber retired abruptly from managing Drury Lane , passing it not to his son Theophilus but to John Highmore ; Theophilus, CC , and other performers defected to the illicit Little Theatre in the Haymarket .
Baruth, Philip E. “Who Is Charlotte Charke?”. Introducing Charlotte Charke: Actress, Author, Enigma, edited by Philip E. Baruth, University of Illinois Press, pp. 9-62.
Morgan, Fidelis, and Charlotte Charke. The Well-Known Troublemaker: A Life of Charlotte Charke. Faber and Faber.
Reception Mary Chandler
MC 's brother Samuel (a dissenting minister and bookseller) wrote her life for The Lives of the Poets, 1753 (which bore the authorial name of Theophilus Cibber ).
Shiels, Robert, and Theophilus Cibber. The Lives of the Poets of Great Britain and Ireland, to the Time of Dean Swift. R. Griffiths.
5: 345
The question remains open...
Textual Production Frances Sheridan
Sheridan had hired Theophilus Cibber for the summer season; Cibber, predictably, made trouble, in this case over a production of Addison 's Cato. Frances Chamberlaine's verse was printed in a pamphlet of this year...


June 1733: John Laguerre painted The Stage Mutiny, which...

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June 1733

John Laguerre painted The Stage Mutiny, which shows Theophilus Cibber , Charlotte Charke , and others, confronting John Highmore , then manager of Drury Lane .

5 December 1738: The trial opened in which Theophilus Cibber...

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5 December 1738

The trial opened in which Theophilus Cibber sued William Sloper for adultery, claiming £5,000 damages: virtually the trial of Susannah Cibber . The jury found Sloper guilty but signified their opinion of Theophilus by awarding...

1756: Theophilus Cibber, brother of Charlotte Charke,...

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Theophilus Cibber , brother of Charlotte Charke , published Dissertations on Theatrical Subjects (also known as Two Dissertations on the Theatres), a plea against the licensed-theatre monopoly.

July 1766: Biographium Foemineum. The Female Worthies;...

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July 1766

Biographium Foemineum. The Female Worthies; or, Memoirs of the Most Illustrious Ladies, of all Ages and Nations was anonymously published.


Shiels, Robert, and Theophilus Cibber. The Lives of the Poets of Great Britain and Ireland, to the Time of Dean Swift. R. Griffiths, 1753.