Louis Aragon

Standard Name: Aragon, Louis


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Family and Intimate relationships Nancy Cunard
NC met Surrealist Louis Aragon in Paris; she had a sexual relationship with him that lasted for two years.
Chisholm, Anne. Nancy Cunard. Knopf.
Friends, Associates Nancy Cunard
NC established important relationships in Paris: with Dadaist Tristan Tzara , Louis Aragon , American writers Janet Flanner and Solita Solano , and photographer Man Ray .
Clements, Patricia. “’Transmuting’ Nancy Cunard”. Dalhousie Review, Vol.
, pp. 188-14.
During the second world war she became...
Material Conditions of Writing Mary Wesley
Early in the second world war she wrote a short, satiric novel about people hurrying out of London for fear of expected air-raids; this manuscript was lost. Also during the war she wrote short stories...
Occupation Nancy Cunard
Her purpose in founding the press was to publish mainly contemporary poetry of an experimental kind. Virginia Woolf warned her that Your hands will always be covered with ink,
Ford, Hugh, editor. Nancy Cunard: Brave Poet, Indomitable Rebel 1896-1965. Chilton Book Company.
but the Hours Press became...
politics Storm Jameson
In Authors Take Sides on the Spanish Civil War, Louis Aragon notes that Jameson signed statements supporting Spain's Republican government in 1936 and 1937. Jameson's possible connections to Aragon and the Republican movement are...
politics Rosamond Lehmann
RL , like many of her friends and contemporaries, worked actively in the anti-fascist movement out of vehement principle. On the strength of both her politics and his admiration for her writing, Louis Aragon tried...
Textual Features Mary Stewart
These are highly literary poems. In her preface MS invokes Keats . She writes on mythological topics, both Biblical (Eve, Cain, Mary) and classical (Icarus, Persephone). She titles poems with an eye to her predecessors...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Julia Kristeva
The first of these books addresses Freud 's concept of revolt against the fathers as the basis of individual maturation and independence, and seeks by looking at the lives of three distinguished modern social rebels...


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