Man Ray

Standard Name: Ray, Man


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Family and Intimate relationships Leonora Carrington
LC and Max Ernst spent three weeks in Cornwall, staying at Lambe Creek House with a large group of fellow artists: Roland Penrose , Lee Miller , Paul and Nusch Éluard , Man Ray ...
Friends, Associates Nancy Cunard
NC established important relationships in Paris: with Dadaist Tristan Tzara , Louis Aragon , American writers Janet Flanner and Solita Solano , and photographer Man Ray .
Clements, Patricia. “’Transmuting’ Nancy Cunard”. Dalhousie Review, Vol.
, pp. 188-14.
During the second world war she became...
Friends, Associates H. D.
In the 1920s, while HD and Bryher were living rootlessly, sometimes in London, sometimes in Europe, HD's list of acquaintances grew to include Gertrude Stein , Alice B. Toklas , Ernest Hemingway , James Joyce
Publishing Nancy Cunard
The book, published by NC 's Hours Press , included poems by Richard Aldington and Samuel Beckett and had a photomontage cover designed by Man Ray .
Chisholm, Anne. Nancy Cunard. Knopf.
Reception Nancy Cunard
NC was also the exemplary subject for painters and photographers—Nina Hamnett (who did a drawing of her for ten guineas at the request of Lady Cunard ),
Hamnett, Nina. Laughing Torso. Ray Long & Richard R. Smith, Inc.
John Banting , Eugene MacCown ,...
Reception Virginia Woolf
VW 's professional reputation began to shift at about this time. From the early 1920s, she developed an increasingly strong self-image as an adult woman and writer. More and more, her novels both won praise...
Textual Production Bryher
As editors, Bryher and Kenneth Macpherson ensured Close Up's international, interdisciplinary emphases by publishing works by and on Sergei Eisenstein , G. W. Pabst , H. D. , Dorothy Richardson , Gertrude Stein , and Man Ray .
Marek, Jayne E. Women Editing Modernism: "Little" Magazines & Literary History. University Press of Kentucky.
Textual Production H. D.
During 1927-33 HD contributed to the avant-garde, influential film magazine Close Up: Devoted to the Art of Films, which Bryher funded and of which Kenneth Macpherson was the official editor. It had a temperate...


1941: Ernestine Carter (later fashion editor of...

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Ernestine Carter (later fashion editor of the Sunday Times) edited a book of comic-horrific
Hollander, Anne. “Insouciance”. London Review of Books, pp. 3-7.
photographs mostly by Lee Miller , entitled Grim Glory: Pictures of Britain under Fire.


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