Mary Stewart

Standard Name: Stewart, Mary
Used Form: Mary Rainbow
Birth Name: Mary Florence Elinor Rainbow
Titled: Mary, Lady Stewart
MS , who began publishing in the mid 1950s, won great success as an author of popular romance thrillers (a genre whose invention her Guardian obituary chalks up to her)
Hore, Rachel. “Mary Stewart obituary”.
and of Arthurian historical novels. She also wrote for children. The suspense books of her early and mid career are mostly set against the beautiful backdrop of some tourist destination, and a sense of place is brilliantly conveyed.


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She does not, therefore, put her own idiosyncratic stamp on the stories in the manner of T. H. White (author of The Once and Future King, 1958, whose opening volume, The Sword in the...


By 3 March 1470: Sir Thomas Malory, a political prisoner in...

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By 3 March 1470

Sir Thomas Malory , a political prisoner in London, most probably in the Tower, finished compiling and writing his collection of legendaryArthurian romances, Le Morte d'Arthur.


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