Society of Apothecaries


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politics Emily Davies
In 1862 the university's Senate rejected the petition and refused to allow Garrett to matriculate. Garrett successfully passed the Society of Apothecaries ' exam in 1865, and had her name entered on the British Medical Register


1722: Sir Hans Sloane leased land at Chelsea from...

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Sir Hans Sloane leased land at Chelsea from the Society of Apothecaries and founded the scientific centre which is still functioning as the Chelsea Physic Garden .

October 1865: Elizabeth Garrett obtained an apothecary's...

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October 1865

Elizabeth Garrett obtained an apothecary's licence through the Society of Apothecaries : this began her medical career, after her rejection by the Universities of London , Edinburgh , St Andrews , Oxford , and Cambridge .

1888: The Society of Apothecaries began to admit...

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The Society of Apothecaries began to admit women to its examinations.


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