James Brand Pinker

Standard Name: Pinker, James Brand
Used Form: J. B. Pinker


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Friends, Associates Harriet Shaw Weaver
Before meeting James Joyce but after becoming his patron, HSW envisaged him as noble and ascetic. She was upset when in 1921 Wyndham Lewis depicted Joyce to her as a drunken spendthrift. Joyce countered these...
Publishing Violet Hunt
Her agent J. B. Pinker sent the manuscript to William Heinemann , who agreed to publish it on the condition that Hunt should change its ending: she would not find an audience, he insisted, for...
Publishing E. Nesbit
When EN 's commissions for children's stories dried up, she was left in financial difficulty. She was used to making perhaps fifty pounds for an episode issued in England and the USA, which worked out...
Publishing Martin Ross
Martin's brother James had already published hunting stories.
Collis, Maurice. Somerville and Ross: A Biography. Faber and Faber.
But it was J. B. Pinker , one of the first literary agents in London, who told her and Somerville that he could easily place...
Publishing Martin Ross
Again it took a long time to complete the book, despite the urging of both Longmans and Pinker .
Collis, Maurice. Somerville and Ross: A Biography. Faber and Faber.
Again the first edition was of 10,000 copies.
Cummins, Geraldine. Dr. E. Œ. Somerville: A Biography. Andrew Dakers.
Textual Production Violet Hunt
VH was recommended to the highly innovative, influential Review by her literary agent J. B. Pinker . The Coach, one of the short stories she submitted at this time, was published in the journal's...


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