Emma Tennant

Standard Name: Tennant, Emma
Birth Name: Emma Christina Tennant
Nickname: Lady Caroline Top Drawer
Pseudonym: Catherine Aydy
Married Name: Emma Yorke
Married Name: Emma Booker
Married Name: Emma Cockburn
ET wrote and published in many genres between 1973 and the second decade of the twenty-first century, and often blended one genre with another.
Wilson, Frances. “Emma Tennant obituary”. theguardian.com.
At first a novelist (who later became a specialist in the creative revisiting of works by earlier writers, and later in sequels to Jane Austen and others), she founded and edited a literary magazine, and also published children's books, works on travel, rag rugs, and cookery, and impressionistic biography. She was best known for feminist satirical novels, and for her fictionalized memoirs of her family.


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Family and Intimate relationships Lady Cynthia Asquith
Pamela Wyndham, LCA 's aunt and the youngest sister of Lady Wemyss, became by marriage Pamela Tennant, Lady Glenconner . After the death of this husband (first Baron Glenconner), she became the second wife of...
Family and Intimate relationships Caroline Blackwood
CB was clearly not cut out for motherhood, and found it hard to love her children or to care for them efficiently. In late 1982 Ivana, aged six, suffered third-degree burns when she tripped on...
Family and Intimate relationships Antonia Fraser
Fraser's witness was Emma Tennant . The wedding was convalidated ten years later in a Roman Catholic chapel.
Morrison, Blake. “review of <span data-tei-ns-tag="tei_title" data-tei-title-lvl=‘m’>Must You Go?</span&gt”;. Guardian Weekly, p. 39.
Fraser, Antonia. Must You Go?. Random House of Canada.
122, 194
This successful marriage bridged a considerable gulf in class origins: Pinter (now wealthy) had...
Family and Intimate relationships Henry Green
Their son, Sebastian Yorke , was rather briefly married to the writer Emma Tennant , for whom HG was a significant literary influence.
Parker, Peter, editor. A Reader’s Guide to Twentieth-Century Writers. Oxford University Press.
Fictionalization Sylvia Plath
Once Hughes was dead as well as Plath, the way was clear for fictional recreation of their lives. Emma Tennant led the way with The Ballad of Sylvia and Ted, 2001 (whose New York...
Friends, Associates Elaine Feinstein
While she was teaching at Essex, EF met a number of poets, including Ed Dorn , who fed her interest in American poetry. She was also involved during these years with a group including Tom Pickard
Friends, Associates Antonia Fraser
Among many other writers, her long-term friends include V. S. Naipaul , Edna O'Brien , Alison Lurie (an American who spends much of her time in London), and Emma Tennant (who read Mary, Queen of...
Literary responses Anita Brookner
Among other evaluations, Olga Kenyon admired AB 's capacity to represent the interiority and social frustrations of gifted undervalued women:
Skinner, John. The Fictions of Anita Brookner: Illusions of Romance. Macmillan.
women with twentieth-century awareness of their problems, which however are problems unchanged since...
Literary responses Patricia Highsmith
Critics hailed this novel as PH 's best yet.
Highsmith, Patricia. Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction. St Martin’s Press.
Emma Tennant in the Times Literary Supplement called it a masterpiece, much more frightening and more extraordinary than anything PH had written before.
Wilson, Andrew Norman. Beautiful Shadow: A Life of Patricia Highsmith. Bloomsbury.
Literary responses Jennifer Johnston
The Old Jest won the Whitbread Award for Fiction.
Moloney, Caitriona et al. Irish Women Writers Speak Out: Voices From the Field. Syracuse University Press.
Francis King in The Spectator strongly preferred this novel to Wild Nights by Emma Tennant . However, while he found the details of Nancy's everyday...
Publishing Angela Carter
Liz Calder , her editor at Gollancz, had first suggested this she should write this kind of fiction.
Gamble, Sarah. Angela Carter. A Literary Life. Palgrave Macmillan.
John Walsh , then a junior in Gollancz 's publicity department, relates how he went overboard...
Publishing Elaine Feinstein
EF was a contributor to Emma Tennant 's magazine Bananas, and she reviews regularly for the Times,
Feinstein, Elaine. It Goes with the Territory. Alma.
Feinstein, Elaine, and Josef Herman. The Feast of Eurydice. Next Editions in association with Faber and Faber.
back cover
and her poems have appeared in a range of publications before being collected...
Reception Henry James
An impressive body of criticism on James has recently been joined by fictionalizations of him in several novels. Emma Tennant portrayed him in her Felony, 2002, and in 2004 three more James novels were...
Textual Production Patricia Beer
For the London Review of Books, PB dealt with books by women both in her first review (on 8 November 1979, one month before the magazine first carried one of her poems), where she...
Textual Production Sheenagh Pugh
This subject provides her with an unusual angle on intertextuality: SP investigates not only the proliferation of sequels to Jane Austen novels (by Joan Aiken , Emma Tennant , and many others) but also the...


1 January 1916: The British edition of Vogue (an American...

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1 January 1916

The British edition of Vogue (an American fashion magazine) began publishing from Condé Nast in Hanover Square, London.

18 March 1958: The attendance of debutantes at Court for...

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18 March 1958

The attendance of debutantes at Court for formal presentation to the Queen took place for the final time.

2001: Alice Randall's debut novel The Wind Done...

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Alice Randall 's debut novel The Wind Done Gone, which retells Margaret Mitchell 's Gone With the Wind from a slave's perspective, was published by Houghton Mifflin .


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