Margot Asquith

Standard Name: Asquith, Margot
Used Form: Lady Asquith
Used Form: Lady Oxford
Used Form: the Countess of Oxford and Asquith


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death Lady Ottoline Morrell
Before her death LOM named three literary executors, including her friend Hope Mirrlees . Her literary estate consisted primarily of letters, journals, and her drafted memoirs.
Seymour, Miranda. Ottoline Morrell: Life on the Grand Scale. Farrar Straus Giroux.
Obituaries by Virginia Woolf and Margot Asquith were...
Family and Intimate relationships Lady Cynthia Asquith
Cynthia had met Herbert (Beb) in Dresden in 1903-4 through his sister Violet, when she was sixteen and Beb (born in 1881) was twenty-two. His mother had died in 1891, and three years later his...
Family and Intimate relationships Elinor Glyn
James Wallace , husband of EG 's sister Lucy , gambled and drank their money away. Lucy finally divorced him in 1889; her mother paid for the divorce with the little money that David Kennedy...
Family and Intimate relationships Edith Lyttelton
Before he married Edith, Alfred suffered two great losses: his first wife, Laura (Margot Asquith 's sister, an emancipated woman, and a member of the Souls),
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
under (Octavia) Laura Lyttelton
died in childbirth...
Family and Intimate relationships Viola Tree
VT and Prime Minister Asquith , who was nearly ten years her senior, shared a particularly close and long-lasting friendship, and he corresponded with her during her time in Italy. She had known him...
Fictionalization Ethel Smyth
ES was famous or notorious in her day. According to Constance Lytton , E. F. Benson painted her portrait as Edith Staines in his novel Dodo. A detail of the day, 1893, whose title...
Friends, Associates Helen Waddell
Friends from HW 's time at Somerville included Maude Clarke , whom she had known as a child and whose Oxford position had been one of the incentives to go there, and archaelogist Helen Lorimer
Friends, Associates Marie Belloc Lowndes
Her literary friends of a generation before her own included George Meredith , Rhoda Broughton , and Henry James . She participated in the friendship of the two last-named by being regularly at Broughton's house...
Occupation Muriel Box
MB lost her job with British Instructional Films when they were flung into financial difficulty by the sudden rise of talking pictures. A reference from Anthony Asquith (son of Margot Asquith ), for whose Tell...
Publishing Viola Tree
Virginia Woolf found that the production of this book required a lot of work in the closing stages from her as publisher. She received the (apparently corrected) proofs by 2 March in a state calculated...
Textual Production Sylvia Pankhurst
To a collection entitled Myself When Young, edited by Lady Asquith (Margot, Countess of Oxford and Asquith), SP contributed an essay discussing her childhood and early education.
The Countess of Oxford and Asquith, wife...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Marie Belloc Lowndes
In this work MBL is still focussed chiefly on her earlier life. Among various developed characters is the redoubtable Margot Asquith .
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Emma Tennant
The story begins a couple of years before the first world war, with the hostile relationship between the author's grandmother, Pamela, the first Lady Glenconner (a much-quoted hostess and society wit), and Pamela's sister-in-law Margot (Tennant) Asquith


1907: The London County Council banned stage tableaus...

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The London County Council banned stage tableaus or living pictures (erotic in content), and in their place the Palace Theatre engaged Maud Allan as a solo dancer.


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