Catherine Booth-Clibborn

Standard Name: Booth-Clibborn, Catherine
Used Form: Catherine Booth


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Family and Intimate relationships Nina Hamnett
NH 's next brother is several times mentioned in her first memoir. Her sister Helen (never mentioned during their shared youth) later married Augustus Booth-Clibborn (grandson of the founders of the Salvation Army ) and...
politics Josephine Butler
In the early months of 1885, Butler had been introduced to reformed prostitute Rebecca Jarrett by Florence Booth , daughter of the Salvation Army founders Catherine and William Booth . JB then introduced her friend...
politics Christabel Pankhurst
CP advocated militancy in the suffrage movement. February 1908 witnessed her Trojan Horse strategy, in which she smuggled suffragettes into the House of Commons in two furniture vans. She also borrowed organisational strategies from William
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Bessie Rayner Parkes
A second edition appeared a year later, and a paperback edition in 2008.
British Library Catalogue.
This collection contains Parkes's reminiscences of George Eliot , Anna Jameson , Mary Howitt , Georgiana Fullerton , and Catherine Booth ...


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