Eugene Ionesco

Standard Name: Ionesco, Eugene


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Anthologization Ann Quin
AQ published a handful of short stories and articles in various journals, including Nova, the London Magazine, transatlantic review, and Antigonish Review.
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
Sewell, Brocard, and Colin Wilson. Like Black Swans: Some People and Themes. Tabb House.
In the mid-sixties she told her publisher,...
Literary responses Ali Smith
Its generic peculiarities were reflected in its reception. Scotland Times reviewer Robert Dawson Scott asserted that its manner of toying with the tenets of theatre made Pirandello and Ionesco look like straight up-and-down naturalists, avoiding...
Textual Features Ali Smith
Although certainly located in the Brechtian tradition of epic theatre, with its political resonances and self-referentiality, it is likewise identifiable as theatre of the absurd (as AS points out),
Smith, Ali. “Just”. Shell Connections 2005: New Plays for Young People, Faber and Faber, pp. 275-24.
with the apparent influences of...
Textual Production Ketaki Kushari Dyson
For this column she reviewed authors such as Sylvia Plath , D. H. Lawrence , Thom Gunn , Ted Hughes , Cesare Pavese , Eugene Ionesco , Simone de Beauvoir , Jorge Luis Borges ,...


11 May 1950: The play by the Romanian-French dramatist...

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11 May 1950

The play by the Romanian-French dramatist Eugene Ionesco which was later translated as The Bald Soprano (occasionally as The Bald Prima Donna) opened in Paris. For many later literary historians this signalled the...


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