Luigi Pirandello

Standard Name: Pirandello, Luigi


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Literary responses Ali Smith
Its generic peculiarities were reflected in its reception. Scotland Times reviewer Robert Dawson Scott asserted that its manner of toying with the tenets of theatre made Pirandello and Ionesco look like straight up-and-down naturalists, avoiding...
Occupation Ngaio Marsh
She pursued this career in London as well. In a lecture to the Royal Society of Arts on 12 December 1950 NM , who at this time was getting lots of offers for producing, directing...
Textual Features Ann Jellicoe
The Sport of My Mad Mother is an experimental play that foregrounds rhythm, sound, and image rather than plot. AJ was inspired to write it after seeing an acting student improvise a dream in which...
Textual Production Timberlake Wertenbaker
TW has done a number of translations from the work of dramatists in other languages, especially French and ancient Greek. As well as Lorca 's The House of Bernarda Alba, she has translated from...


14 July 1930: The first televised play was broadcast by...

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14 July 1930

The first televised play was broadcast by the BBC : Lance Sieveking and Sydney Moseley 's production of Pirandello 's experimental The Man with the Flower in his Mouth.


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