Jane Cave

Standard Name: Cave, Jane
Birth Name: Jane Cave
Married Name: Jane Winscom
Indexed Name: Miss Cave. Now Mrs W—
Used Form: Miss Cave, Now Mrs Winscom
JC , eighteenth-century poet, has not received the critical attention merited by her literary ability. She is remarkable for the number of provincial centres in which she published. Having married an exciseman, she lived a peripatetic life, and seems to have issued a new and often revised edition of her one collection of poems in almost every place she lived at. Her work includes religious poems, epitaphs, hymns, and lively social and political commentary: about a hundred poems in her five successive editions. An extraordinary, recently identified collection of mixed prose and verse relates an intensely painful episode in her marriage.
Schürer, Norbert. “Jane Cave Winscom: Provincial Poetry and the Metropolitan Connection”. Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Vol.
, No. 3, pp. 415-31.


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Thomas, Elizabeth. Miscellany Poems on Several Subjects. Thomas Combes.


30 September 1793: Troops opened fire on citizens of Bristol...

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30 September 1793

Troops opened fire on citizens of Bristol who were demonstrating against the imposition of tolls on a bridge.


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