M. Peddle

Standard Name: Peddle, M.


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Intertextuality and Influence Adelaide O'Keeffe
This book might be regarded as a work of ancient Jewish history; it is also highly relevant to experiments in the possible reach of the historical novel back into ancient times. As a biblical paraphrase...


After 1 February 1785: M. Peddle (a gifted, little-known, Evangelical...

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After 1 February 1785

M. Peddle (a gifted, little-known, Evangelical woman of Yeovil in Somerset, who later issued a conduct book under the name of Cornelia) published a biblical paraphrase in novelistic style: The Life of Jacob.


Peddle, M. Rudiments of Taste. C. Dilly, 1789.
Peddle, M. The Life of Jacob. R. Goadby and Co., 1785.