John Sawbridge

Standard Name: Sawbridge, John


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Family and Intimate relationships Catharine Macaulay
One of CM 's brothers, also named John Sawbridge , grew up a radical like herself. He became a member of parliament and Lord Mayor of London. He had a friendship with John Wilkes
politics Catharine Macaulay
Horace Walpole expressed the hope that CM might be elected to a vacant alderman's position (like her brother ): he was not, of course, being serious.
Hill, Bridget. “Daughter and Mother: Some new light on Catharine Macaulay and her family”. Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Vol.
, No. 1, pp. 35-49.


4 February-13 April 1769: Disputes occurred over John Wilkes's right...

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4 February-13 April 1769

Disputes occurred over John Wilkes 's right to take his seat in the House of Commons , from which he had been expelled for the first time in 1764.

20 February 1769: The Bill of Rights Society was founded at...

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20 February 1769

The Bill of Rights Society was founded at the London Tavern by John Horne (later John Horne Tooke ), John Sawbridge , Thomas Wilson , and others, to support Wilkes and to defend the legal...


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