David Ricardo

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Friends, Associates Jane Marcet
JM probably knew her husband's friends Edward Jenner and William Hyde Wollaston ; she certainly knew and corresponded with John Yelloy . She was a friend on her own account of Margaret Bryan ,
Marcet, Jane. “Introduction”. Chemistry in the Schoolroom: 1806, edited by Hazel Rossotti, AuthorHouse, p. i - xxi.
iii, v n6
Literary responses Jane Marcet
Thomas Babington Macaulay praised this work and other political economists, like Jean-Baptiste Say , Malthus and Ricardo , approved it. Although at least one edition of more than a decade after the first was respectfully...
Textual Features Elizabeth Heyrick
Her concerns are propagandistic rather than literary: Enquiry into the Consequences of the Present Depreciated Value of Human Labour recycles passages from her own Exposition, and On the Advantages of a High Remunerating Price...
Textual Features Harriet Martineau
HM 's Illustrations tale For Each and For All (often in later editions subtitled or, Letitia and Maria) is an attack from a Ricardian standpoint on Owen ite socialism. She modified the anti-socialist tone...


1817: David Ricardo (1772-1823), a London writer...

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David Ricardo (1772-1823), a London writer and thinker of Sephardic Jewish descent, published his influential On the Principles of Political Economy and Taxation.

1823: William Huskisson, as MP for Liverpool and...

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William Huskisson , as MP for Liverpool and President of the Board of Trade , secured the equalization of customs duties in Britain and Ireland, a big step on the road towards free trade.


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