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Family and Intimate relationships Anna Eliza Bray
She was Christina Rossetti 's cousin.
Sutherland, John. The Stanford Companion to Victorian Fiction. Stanford University Press.
Marsh, Jan. “Christian Rossetti’s Vocation: The Importance of Goblin Market”. Victorian Poetry, Vol.
, No. 3-4, pp. 233-48.
There is some dispute over their exact relation. In the notes to her collected poems, Rossetti calls AEB her cousin. Scholars John Sutherland and Jan Marsh also refer...
Friends, Associates Jean Ingelow
While Greenwell and Ingelow appear to have been close friends, Rossetti's relationship with the latter was a little more fraught. Before they were introduced she acknowledged her envy at the astonishing success of JI 's...
Literary responses Christina Rossetti
Her biographer Jan Marsh considers this serial novel a lively indication of her interests and abilities at the time, and thinks it a shame that it abruptly and inexplicably ceased in August 1852 after eight...
Literary responses Christina Rossetti
CR 's biographer Jan Marsh calls it at best a failed companion to Sing-Song, and at worst a piece of decorative banality.
Marsh, Jan. Christina Rossetti: A Writer’s Life. Viking.
Literary responses Christina Rossetti
Jan Marsh considers Time Fliesthe fruit of a lifetime's spiritual experience and self-knowledge, and as such the most subjective and effective of her religious works.
Marsh, Jan. Christina Rossetti: A Writer’s Life. Viking.
Other Life Event Christina Rossetti
Her age and inexperience told against her. (These were reasonable objections, quite different, as Jan Marsh observes, from the racist grounds to which Mary Seacole attributed her own rejection for the same work at the...
Publishing Elizabeth Siddal
The suggestion for publishing these poems had been made by Dante Gabriel Rossetti , but he made no further effort to publish them. ES 's work therefore languished until William Michael Rossetti gathered his family's...
Reception Christina Rossetti
A predominantly biographical approach to her poetry dominated until near the close of the twentieth century. Following Mackenzie Bell 's study (which stressed her religious aspect) and William 's brief selective memoir, biographies of CR
Reception Anna Eliza Bray
Christina Rossetti later noted that her poem Goblin Market, which was originally titled A Peep at the Goblins, was an imitation of my cousin Mrs. Bray's A Peep at the Pixies.
Chapman, Alison. The Afterlife of Christina Rossetti. MacMillan.
Textual Features Anna Eliza Bray
The work contained his thoughts on Christina Rossetti 's Verses. Rossetti scholar Jan Marsh suggests that his commentary privately embarrassed the younger poet.
Marsh, Jan. “Christian Rossetti’s Vocation: The Importance of Goblin Market”. Victorian Poetry, Vol.
, No. 3-4, pp. 233-48.
236, 247n10
Textual Features Christina Rossetti
With its intense focus on the question of religious vocation and the sense of inadequacy felt by the eponymous heroine, who is also a writer, this first piece of short fiction can be read autobiographically...
Textual Production Christina Rossetti
Her early work and the passages she copied into her mother's commonplace-book show the influence of Tennyson and Wordsworth ; she also acknowledged the impact of Gray and Crabbe , and wrote several poems inspired...
Textual Production Christina Rossetti
According to biographer Jan Marsh , she participated vicariously in the activities of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood from its inception in later 1848. Yet, as Andrew and Catherine Belsey have strenuously argued, and as the life...
Violence Elizabeth Siddal
As Marsh puts it, this deeply transgressive act has since then been a symbol of religious, poetic and personal violation.
Marsh, Jan. The Legend of Elizabeth Siddal. Quartet Books.
Rossetti himself justified his action to Swinburne as follows: no one so much as...
Violence Christina Rossetti
Biographer Jan Marsh speculates, on the basis of CR 's oeuvre and of recent observations on the effects of child sexual abuse, that the breakdown, the retreat behind a mask, the bouts of depression, and...


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, No. 3-4, pp. 233-48.
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