Brigid Brophy

Standard Name: Brophy, Brigid
Birth Name: Brigid Antonia Susan Brophy
Married Name: Brigid Antonia Susan Levey
Titled: Brigid Antonia Susan, Lady Levey
In the novel BB 's topics are social and sexual comedy. In non-fiction (essays, criticism, polemic) she pursued her interests in causes (often for the benefit of animals or writers), in opera and other arts, in deviant or nonconformist behaviour, and in individuals with a particular appeal to her. Late in her career, which spanned the second half of the twentieth century, came moving and clear-sighted writing on her multiple sclerosis. BB disliked and opposed the study of women's writing in isolation from that of men.


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Literary responses Patricia Highsmith
Novelist Brigid Brophy , who also likened PH to Dostoevsky ,
Dirda, Michael. “This Woman Is Dangerous”. The Guardian, p. between pp. 12 and 13.
between 12 and 13
also wrote in November 1965 that among crime writers only PH and Georges Simenon had transcended the limits of crime...
Literary responses Elizabeth Taylor
This volume drew an enthusiastic response from Brigid Brophy , writing in the New Statesman, who declared herself ET 's dedicated fan.
Brophy, Brigid. Don’t Never Forget. Cape.
Her enthusiasm was no passing feeling, for she chose to...
Literary responses Patricia Highsmith
She has been better appreciated in Britain than her native USA, and perhaps better in Europe than in Britain. Frank Richards wrote that she made a life's work of her ostracisation from the American...
Occupation Maureen Duffy
MD organised a Prop Art (propaganda art) Exhibition in London, together with Brigid Brophy .
Duffy, Maureen. The Microcosm. Virago.
Occupation Maureen Duffy
MD has undertaken a number of positions in public life, working tirelessly to improve the lot of authors—and of laboratory animals. Along with Brigid Brophy and 148 others, she was a signatory of The Rights...
Occupation Maureen Duffy
This organization, which MD set up together with her colleague Brigid Brophy , had as its aim to fight for loans-based, flat rate, government-funded Public Lending Right, to be paid to authors, not publishers:
Platt, Edward. “25 Years fighting for writers’ rights”. ALCS News, No. 21, pp. 4-5.
Occupation Maureen Duffy
Before the general election of May 1979, MD and Brigid Brophy offered a job at ALCS to Elizabeth Thomas (advisor to Michael Foot ) in case Labour should lose.
Thomas, Elizabeth. “25th Anniversary: Elizabeth Thomas remembers Maureen and Brigid”. ALCS News, No. 21, p. 6.
Occupation Rebecca West
The prize went to P. H. Newby 's Something to Answer For, which according to Kermode years later was a compromise decision. Dame Rebecca didn't dislike it as much as nearly all the others...
politics Lettice Cooper
She also participated in the campaign for authors' public lending right, having been a founder-member with Brigid Brophy , Maureen Duffy , and others, of Writers' Action Group .
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Publishing Shena Mackay
Before Babies in Rhinestones appeared, SM completed a novel entitled A Bowl of Cherries, which reuses some parts of her unpublished The Firefly Motel. She submitted this, her first novel for over a...
Publishing Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
The novel quickly went through seven editions. French and German translations were titled from the heroine Glorvina or Glorwina
Wordsworth, Jonathan. The Bright Work Grows: Women Writers of the Romantic Age. Woodstock Books.
Garside, Peter et al., editors. The English Novel 1770-1829. Oxford University Press.
2: 237
In 1846 it appeared in Colburn's Standard Novels, a series designed for...
Reception Iris Murdoch
This book was runner-up (to Brigid Brophy 's) for the Cheltenham Literary Festival's prize for a first novel.
Conradi, Peter J. Iris Murdoch. A Life. HarperCollins.
It and her second caused IM to be grouped with the so-called socially anarchic school
British Book News. British Council.
(1957): 451
Textual Features Angela Brazil
Her protagonist Lesbia Ferrars, with her large dreamy eyes
Freeman, Gillian. The Schoolgirl Ethic: The Life and Work of Angela Brazil. Allen Lane.
and Irish/Highland blood (she is Celtic to the core),
Freeman, Gillian. The Schoolgirl Ethic: The Life and Work of Angela Brazil. Allen Lane.
is a self-portrait, but Lesbia's experiences as a governess after leaving school are those...
Textual Features Iris Murdoch
The title comes from William Hogarth 's series of didactic engravings about the two apprentices, of whom the industrious one rises to be Lord Mayor while the idle one takes to crime and is hanged....
Textual Features Elizabeth Taylor
One quality in ET 's work worth singling out is her penchant for creating thoroughly dislikable characters whom she nevertheless persuades the reader to view with sympathy. As Brigid Brophy puts it, she explores the...


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