Michael Foot

Standard Name: Foot, Michael,, b. 1913


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Family and Intimate relationships Amber Reeves
The general feeling was that Wells had behaved like a cad. Michael Foot , biographer of Wells, along with defending his subject, makes the important point that Reeves, a strong and independent character, was not...
Occupation Maureen Duffy
Before the general election of May 1979, MD and Brigid Brophy offered a job at ALCS to Elizabeth Thomas (advisor to Michael Foot ) in case Labour should lose.
Thomas, Elizabeth. “25th Anniversary: Elizabeth Thomas remembers Maureen and Brigid”. ALCS News, No. 21, p. 6.


March 1981: Breakaway Labour members of parliament—Roy...

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March 1981

Breakaway Labour members of parliament—Roy Jenkins , Shirley Williams (daughter of Vera Brittain ), David Owen , and William Rodgers —left the party to found the Social Democratic Party, or SDP .

9 June 1983: Michael Foot, leader of the Labour Party,...

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9 June 1983

Michael Foot , leader of the Labour Party , signally failed in the general election to shake the reign of Tory Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher . He was soon afterwards replaced as party leader by Welshman Neil Kinnock .


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