Louis Pasteur

Standard Name: Pasteur, Louis


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Family and Intimate relationships A. Mary F. Robinson
AMFR (or Mary Darmesteter) married Pierre Emile Duclaux , French biologist and director of the Pasteur Institute (in succession to Pasteur himself).
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Friends, Associates Kate Marsden
In Paris in early 1890, KM met with Louis Pasteur , following up rumours that he had developed a vaccine for leprosy. He disappointed her, however, by indicating that he had not developed such a vaccine.
Chapman, Hilary. “The New Zealand Campaign against Kate Marsden, Traveller to Siberia”. New Zealand Slavonic Journal, pp. 123-40.
Health Anna Kingsford
AK was drenched on an ill-fated trip to visit the laboratory of Louis Pasteur (a vivisectionist). This was thought to have triggered her predisposition to consumption.
Pert, Alan. Red Cactus: The Life of Anna Kingsford. Books and Writers.
Literary responses Frances Power Cobbe
According to Sally Mitchell , FPC herself recognized that her writing had lost its wit and charm
Mitchell, Sally. Frances Power Cobbe: Victorian Feminist, Journalist, Reformer. University of Virginia Press.
as she became immersed in the antivivisectionist cause. Charges of inaccuracy in her antivivisection writing came to...
Publishing Charlotte Dempster
Additionally, CD published articles in Blackwood's Magazine (including The Two Speransky: a page of Russian official life, in two parts, 1874), and in the National Review (including Pasteur and Hydrophobia (1886).
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Travel Evelyn Sharp
This was a rich period spent in studying, hearing Renan lecture, meeting Louis Pasteur at the Pasteur Institute , and hearing Charles Gounod conduct his Ave Maria at St Sulpice.
Sharp, Evelyn. Unfinished Adventure. John Lane, Bodley Head.
But ES was...
Wealth and Poverty Kate Marsden
KM 's reputation was threatened on multiple fronts by people in several countries as she gained a more prominent public identity. One of her most effective opponents was the American writer Isabel Hapgood . Hapgood...


1831: A severe epidemic of puerperal fever struck...

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A severe epidemic of puerperal fever struck in Manchester.

1840: German doctor Robert Koch began developing...

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German doctor Robert Koch began developing the famous four Henle-Koch postulates to establish the connection between a bacterium and a disease.

1857: Louis Pasteur published his paper Memoire...

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Louis Pasteur published his paperMemoire sur la fermentation appelée lactique, on bacteria and fermentation.

September 1858: Louis Pasteur investigated spoiled wines...

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September 1858

Louis Pasteur investigated spoiled wines by microscopic examination at Arbois in France.

1867: Joseph Lister (still a surgeon and professor...

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Joseph Lister (still a surgeon and professor in Glasgow) introduced two antiseptic agents this year: phenol, which was said to have reduced the surgical death rate from 45% to 15%, and carbolic acid for...

1879: Louis Pasteur, working in Paris, identified...

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Louis Pasteur , working in Paris, identified the organisms that cause puerperal fever.

28 April 1881: Louis Pasteur began experimenting with the...

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28 April 1881

Louis Pasteur began experimenting with the immunization of animals.

24 March 1882: At a meeting of the Berlin Physiological...

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24 March 1882

At a meeting of the Berlin Physiological Society, Robert Koch announced that he had identified the tubercle bacillus.

6 July 1885: Louis Pasteur first used injections to prevent...

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6 July 1885

Louis Pasteur first used injections to prevent people bitten by mad dogs from contracting rabies.


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