Charlotte Dempster

Standard Name: Dempster, Charlotte
Birth Name: Charlotte Louisa Hawkins
Pseudonym: Charlotte Dempster
Pseudonym: C. L. H. D.
Pseudonym: The Author of Véra
Pseudonym: 'The Author of The Hôtel du Petit St Jean'
In a writing career that lasted almost thirty years of the later nineteenth century, CD published six novels, numerous essays (some of which she re-issued in a collection), a travel-narrative, a cookbook, and a devotional book. Her memoir appeared posthumously and her letters are at the Thomas P. O'Neill Library, Boston College . Her essays often deal with the lives, letters, or memoirs of notable public figures, and her novels deal with issues of class and poverty, public and private obligations, and marital relations, in a wide range of settings.


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