Margaret Sanger

Standard Name: Sanger, Margaret


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Employer Storm Jameson
SJ spent some weeks as a researcher for Margaret Sanger . She prepared data on English sexual health for the English edition of one of Sanger's books (either What Every Girl Should Know or The...
Family and Intimate relationships Rebecca West
From the beginning, the liaison was fraught with difficulties. When they met, Wells was over forty and still married to his second wife, with whom he had come to an agreement that he would be...
Friends, Associates Sylvia Pankhurst
In New York in January 1911, SP met activists Elizabeth Gurley Flynn and Margaret Sanger .
Winslow, Barbara, and Sheila Rowbotham. Sylvia Pankhurst: Sexual Politics and Political Activism. UCL Press.
politics Dora Russell
DR led a legal battle against the destruction, on obscenity grounds, of a birth control pamphlet written by Margaret Sanger .
Russell, Dora. The Tamarisk Tree: My Quest for Liberty and Love. G. P. Putnam’s Sons.
1: 169
Textual Features Marie Stopes
Married Love argues that women, as well as men, have sexual desires, and that they should be realized within marriage. Its style famously combines an overheated lyricism (orgasm is described in terms of rapture, flux...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Margaret Forster
For subjects of particular chapters she chooses Caroline Norton , Elizabeth Blackwell , Florence Nightingale , Josephine Butler , Elizabeth Cady Stanton , Margaret Sanger , and Emma Goldman , selected this time not for...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Germaine Greer
She plunges further into controversy in attacking the criminally irresponsible, usually experimental, outsiders' attempts to get birth-control established in India. The naivety and political illiteracy of the champions of mass vasectomy would eventually have...


March-October 1914: In the USA birth control activist Margaret...

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March-October 1914

In the USA birth control activist Margaret Sanger published a periodical called The Woman Rebel. It was reprinted in facsimile in 1976.

By September 1915: US birth-control activist Margaret Sanger...

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By September 1915

US birth-control activist Margaret Sanger probably showed Marie Stopes (as a French pessary) an example of the original contraceptive cap of the kind dating from 1838.

16 October 1916: Margaret Sanger opened a birth-control clinic...

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16 October 1916

Margaret Sanger opened a birth-control clinic at 46 Amboy Street in New York (Brooklyn), four and a half years ahead of the first such British clinic, which was the brainchild of Marie Stopes .
American National Biography.

1923: Guy Aldred and Rose Witcop were prosecuted...

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Guy Aldred and Rose Witcop were prosecuted for selling Margaret Sanger 's pamphlet Family Limitation: Handbook for Working Mothers.

1928: The World Sexual Reform League was established...

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The World Sexual Reform League was established to try to build up knowledge and awareness of sexuality and sexual practices.

Winter 1950: Birth-control campaigner Margaret Sanger...

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Winter 1950

Birth-control campaigner Margaret Sanger met with scientist Gregory Pincus in New York and discussed with him her radical dream of a safe, cheap, reversible method of contraception that would give women control over their bodies...

10 May 1960: In the USA the FDA approved the use of the...

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10 May 1960

In the USA the FDA approved the use of the progestin oral contraceptive pill (marketed as Enovid). This had been developed by experimental scientist Gregory Pincus (later in collaboration with physician John Rock ), whom...


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