Katherine Mansfield

Standard Name: Mansfield, Katherine
Birth Name: Kathleen Mansfield Beauchamp
Nickname: Wig
Nickname: Kissienka
Married Name: Kathleen Mansfield Murry
Self-constructed Name: Katherine Mansfield
Pseudonym: Katherine Mansfield
Pseudonym: K. M.
Pseudonym: Boris Petrovsky
KM 's life was short and much of her writing experimental or oriented towards earning. Though contemporary reviewers sometimes condescended to her youth, gender, and magazine publication, she is now seen as one of our great modernists, her innovations so familiar as to be unnoticeable.
Gunn, Kirsty. “How the Laundry Basket Squeaked”. London Review of Books, No. 7, pp. 25 - 6.
As well as one of the most interesting and original short-story writers of the Modernist movement, she was a significant letter-writer and diarist. Her poetry, too, is of interest. Claire Tomalin remarked that her diary in particular has made her a cult figure for young women.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Black and white photograph of Katherine Mansfield, shown from the shoulders up. She is wearing a knitted cardigan with a V-neck and a broad collar, over a light shirt. She has chin-length dark hair and bangs.
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Black-and-white portrait photo of Katherine Mansfield. She is pictures in profile.
"Katherine Mansfield" by Bettmann, 1900-01-02. Retrieved from https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/news-photo/katherine-mansfield-british-writer-photograph-news-photo/514882402. This image is licensed under the GETTY IMAGES CONTENT LICENCE AGREEMENT.


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The Press, which began as therapy and for the purpose of publishing the works of its owners, grew into a major engine of modern culture and thought.
Lee, Hermione. Virginia Woolf. Chatto and Windus, 1996.
Its political interests were served by enlightened...
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While working for Frank Harris on Hearth and Home in 1912-13, EB wrote various dreadful articles (as she later put it)
Bagnold, Enid. Enid Bagnold’s Autobiography (from 1889). Heinemann, 1969.
including one entitled Young Women Writers: Miss Rosalind Murray and Miss Katherine Mansfield.
Bagnold, Enid. Enid Bagnold’s Autobiography (from 1889). Heinemann, 1969.
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In September 1934, she met S. S. Koteliansky , known as Kot to such friends and associates as Katherine Mansfield and John Middleton Murry , D. H. Lawrence , and Virginia and Leonard Woolf ...
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Pym is not one of those women writers whose stock has risen through feminist re-evaluation. Five years after the influential Times Literary Supplement article was published, Penelope Lively wrote, I am always surprised that the...
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In a lamentable
Lowndes, Marie Belloc. Diaries and Letters of Marie Belloc Lowndes, 1911-1947. Marques, Susan LowndesEditor , Chatto and Windus, 1971.
article on the death of Virginia Woolf , Hugh Walpole accused literary ladies of acting like priestesses engaged in throwing fragrant incense on their own altars. The first name he mentions...
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RW 's novels, tackling the complex philosophical and social issues that faced people in European countries in the years after the Great War, have been largely, if not entirely, forgotten. Her death at thirty-nine years...
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Her short stories have been compared to writings by Katherine Mansfield , Henry James , D. H. Lawrence , and Saki .
Residence Alison Uttley
She was excited by her first experience of the south, and called Cambridge a city of light.
Judd, Denis. Alison Uttley. Michael Joseph, 1986.
As a teacher in London, she lived first at 164 Engadine Street in Southfields, south-west London...
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The stories here deal with all kinds of complexity and nuance in the sisterly relationship. The collection ends, as the introduction begins, with Christina Rossetti 's Goblin Market. The nineteenth century is further represented...
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It includes work by Katherine Mansfield , Leonora Carrington , Elizabeth Jolley , Jamaica Kincaid , and Carter herself. She carefully avoided identifying bad girls with sexual profligates, but looked for a certain cussedness, a bloodymindedness..
Laws-Wall, Lydia. “One of a kind”. Mslexia, No. 48, p. 53.
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Eccentric Mrs St Maugham (owner of the garden on cold and grudging chalk soil, whose poor growing qualities are the play's central symbol) takes on Miss Madrigal as governess to her grand-daughter, Laurel, precisely because...
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Jacob's Room departs sharply from her two earlier novels in both its method and its subject. Leonard Woolf felt on first reading it that Virginia's characters were ghosts or puppets. It is fragmentary, like...


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