Frank Harris

Standard Name: Harris, Frank


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Education Nina Hamnett
NH adapted to her new surroundings, made friends with other likeminded artists, and passed her spare time at large fancy-dress parties..She became close friends with another artist named Valentine Savage , whose studio in Chelsea...
Employer Enid Bagnold
EB began to work as a typist and writer for newspaper editor Frank Harris on his magazine Hearth and Home.
Sebba, Anne. Enid Bagnold: The Authorized Biography. Weidenfeld and Nicolson.
Family and Intimate relationships Enid Bagnold
EB was devoted to the charismatic, womanizing, and much older Frank Harris , and he became her first lover in 1913, the year after she went to work for him. She describes this event facetiously...
Family and Intimate relationships Iris Tree
Writer, critic, and caricaturist Sir Max Beerbohm was IT 's half-uncle, the youngest son from Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree's father's second marriage. Best remembered for his drawings and caricatures of the famous, Beerbohm also wrote...
Intertextuality and Influence Joanna Cannan
Alison Dunbar, lonely among her fashion-conscious and shopping-mad schoolmates, begins writing her pony story in exercise books (as was Cannan's own habit) and attains the apotheosis of acceptance by a publisher. She also sheds the...
Literary responses Enid Bagnold
EB 's friend Desmond MacCarthy approached Virginia Woolf to review the book, but she refused, having taken a dislike to Bagnold and assuming that she had enmeshed poor old Desmond.
Friedman, Lenemaja. Enid Bagnold. Twayne.
As Woolf put it...
Publishing Enid Bagnold
While working for Frank Harris on Hearth and Home in 1912-13, EB wrote various dreadful articles (as she later put it)
Bagnold, Enid. Enid Bagnold’s Autobiography (from 1889). Heinemann.
including one entitled Young Women Writers: Miss Rosalind Murray and Miss Katherine Mansfield.
Bagnold, Enid. Enid Bagnold’s Autobiography (from 1889). Heinemann.
Textual Production Enid Bagnold
When Randle approached her to publish the poems, EB also presented him with a diary she called The Death Journal, about her relationship with Frank Harris . She contemplated publishing this, but then thought...
Textual Production F. Tennyson Jesse
She earned fifteen guineas for this piece. It became quite popular, but rumours spread that it was written by Frank Harris . Austin Harrison , editor of the English Review, sent her a letter...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Enid Bagnold
This idiosyncratic autobiography incorporates entertaining sketches of Frank Harris , Walter Sickert , H. G. Wells , Desmond MacCarthy and several other friends and acquaintances. She was candid about her struggles with writing and her...


31 May 1898: George Bedborough, secretary of the Legitimation...

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31 May 1898

George Bedborough , secretary of the Legitimation League which sought to change the law to improve the position of illegitimate children, was arrested, largely in an attempt to damage the League through him.


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