Walter Benjamin

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Friends, Associates Hannah Arendt
In Paris she moved in a circle of anti-Fascist exiles, including theorist Walter Benjamin , novelist Hermann Broch , and poet and philosopher Heinrich Blücher ,
Dictionary of American Biography. Charles Scribner’s Sons.
who was by this time an anti-Stalinist Communist. To...
Intertextuality and Influence Adrienne Rich
As usual with Rich, the six sections of this book fuse the poetic with the political (as reflected in her allusions to Gerard Manley Hopkins , Walter Benjamin , Homer , Keats ). The first...
Occupation Hannah Arendt
Her next task was the struggle to secure publication for manuscripts left in her keeping and that of her husband by Walter Benjamin . She also needed work, and became first a literary reviewer and...
politics Bryher
Bryher enabled the escape of one hundred and five refugees (including her acquaintance the theorist Walter Benjamin ) from Nazi Germany.
Bryher,. The Heart to Artemis: A Writer’s Memoirs. Collins.
276-8, 292
Reception Mary Anne Schimmelpenninck
Her life of striving and enquiry has been little noticed by posterity, even in the present recrudescence of interest in women writers in history. Just recently several academic articles have appeared, and on 28 May...
Textual Features Hélène Cixous
Hyperdream posits a line of communication to the dead, and explores other mysterious lines of connection. One of these is a bed bought by Eve, the semi-mythical mother of the narrator, Hélène, from someone called...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Hannah Arendt
Dark times is a phrase from Brecht . It is almost synonymous here with the twentieth century, though HA has a piece on Lessing , who lived two centuries earlier. She uses men to signify...


26 September 1940: The writer and cultural critic Walter Benjamin...

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26 September 1940

The writer and cultural critic Walter Benjamin was turned back at the Spanish border as he attempted to leave Nazi-occupied France: he killed himself that night.


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