Louise Imogen Guiney

Standard Name: Guiney, Louise Imogen


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Family and Intimate relationships Dora Sigerson
American poet Louise Imogen Guiney dedicated her poetry volume A Roadside Harp, 1893, to both DS and her sister.
Hanley, Evelyn A. “Dora Sigerson Shorter: Late Victorian Romantic”. Victorian Poetry, Vol.
, No. 1, pp. 223-34.
Friends, Associates Mary Cowden Clarke
Their visitors at Nice included the Chaucerian Francis Child , the American writer Mrs. John (Elizabeth) Farrar , and the political activist Richard Cobden .
Clarke, Mary Cowden. My Long Life. Dodd, Mead.
MCC continued to delight in new acquaintances until late...
Friends, Associates Sarah Orne Jewett
SOJ had a broad social circle. She belonged to an artistic community of women that included Celia Thaxter and Louise Guiney , and counted Harriet Beecher Stowe (whose funeral she and Annie Fields attended in...
Friends, Associates Katharine Tynan
Living in a suburb of London, KT frequented the heart of English literary culture. She had already joined London's Irish Literary Society , and was later appointed its Honorary Vice-President.
Tynan, Katharine. The Years of the Shadow. Constable.
Among other literary figures...
Literary responses Ella Wheeler Wilcox
The book was published to ridicule and condemnation from the New York Sun and the Chicago Herald,
Wilcox, Ella Wheeler. The Worlds and I. Gay and Hancock.
but five hundred citizens of Milwaukee united for an evening of honorific reading of EWW 's...
Textual Features Katharine Tynan
They show increasing awareness of time and time's passing: in this volume KT expresses regret for having missed, by her absence in England, the last moments of some of her Irish friends' lives. Nearly all...


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