Richard Cobden

Standard Name: Cobden, Richard


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Cultural formation Emmeline Pankhurst
EP came from a long line of activists and rebels. Her paternal grandfather had been kidnapped by a pressgang to serve in the Navy, and later was involved in the savagely-put-down demonstration at St Peter's...
Friends, Associates Bessie Rayner Parkes
BRP knew personally and corresponded with many of the Victorian intelligentsia. In addition to her Langham Place associates already mentioned, her literary friends and acquaintances included Matilda Hays , Harriet Martineau , Anthony Trollope ,...
Friends, Associates Mary Cowden Clarke
Their visitors at Nice included the Chaucerian Francis Child , the American writer Mrs. John (Elizabeth) Farrar , and the political activist Richard Cobden .
Clarke, Mary Cowden. My Long Life. Dodd, Mead.
MCC continued to delight in new acquaintances until late...
Intertextuality and Influence Flora Shaw
She advocates colonial expansion through imperial aid, arguing that Britain and her imperial territories should strengthen their military and financial connections with one another. At the same time, Britain should relinquish control of local administrative...
politics Harriet Martineau
HM represents herself in her Autobiography as brokering the successful repeal of the Corn Laws which took place on 26 June 1846, by mediating between Robert Peel and Richard Cobden . Histories of the repeal...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Isabella Bird
Biographer Anna M. Stoddart describes the content of this pamphlet as an allegorical trial in which the radicals Cobden and Bright stand accused of destroying the agricultural interest and with it the national prosperity of...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Eliza Cook
Stock patriotic attitudes are voiced in The Gallant English Tar, and The Banner of Union, verging on the jingoistic in We'll Stand to our Guns and Hurrah! for our Riflemen! Clearly no coherent...


29 January 1849: The National Parliamentary and Financial...

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29 January 1849

The National Parliamentary and Financial Reform Association was founded to unite Chartists and radicals.


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