Irish Literary Society, London


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Friends, Associates Katharine Tynan
Living in a suburb of London, KT frequented the heart of English literary culture. She had already joined London's Irish Literary Society , and was later appointed its Honorary Vice-President.
Tynan, Katharine. The Years of the Shadow. Constable.
Among other literary figures...
Occupation Katharine Tynan
In the same year she also spoke at a London meeting of the Irish Literary Society .
Tynan, Katharine. The Wandering Years. Constable.
politics Katharine Tynan
KT joined the Irish Literary Society (founded this year in London). It stemmed from the Southwark Club , to which she had also belonged.
Yeats, W. B. Letters to Katharine Tynan. Editor McHugh, Roger, Clonmore and Reynolds.
Boyd, Ernest. Ireland’s Literary Renaissance. Grant Richards.


December 1891: William Butler Yeats established (in London)...

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December 1891

William Butler Yeats established (in London) the Irish Literary Society ; the National Literary Society at Dublin followed the next year.


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